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ミクリ Mikuri
"Artist, and lover of water."
Emerald Wallace.png
Artwork from Emerald
Gender Male
Eye color Turquoise
Hair color Turquoise
Hometown Sootopolis City
Region Hoenn
Trainer class Gym LeaderRS
Pokémon TrainerB2W2
Generation III, V
Games Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
Black 2 and White 2
Leader of Sootopolis Gym
Badge Rain Badge
Champion of Ever Grande City
Specializes in Water types
Anime debut Our Cup Runneth Over!
English voice actor Sean Reyes
Japanese voice actor Toshiyuki Morikawa

Wallace (Japanese: ミクリ Mikuri) is a Master Water-type Trainer. In the original Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, he was the Gym Leader of Sootopolis City's Gym, known officially as the Sootopolis Gym, wielding the Rain Badge. In Emerald, he became Champion of the Elite Four after losing the gym to Juan, his former instructor. He is apparently close to Steven Stone, and assists him in the Cave of Origin quest in Ruby and Sapphire.

In the games

In Ruby and Sapphire, he runs Sootopolis City Gym where he gives out the Rain Badge as well as TM03 (Water Pulse). In Emerald, the storyline was revised so that he lost the gym to his mentor, and Wallace instead maintains a position as the Champion of the Elite Four. Steven, who was the Champion in the previous versions, is instead a legendary wandering Trainer.

Trainer's Eyes/Match Call

Leader WallaceRS / Champion WallaceE

Dignity and respect.
Trainer's Pokémon
I prefer Pokémon of grace.
Aquatic illusions best suit my distinctive elegance.RS
I represent beauty as well as intelligence.E


Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

Pokémon Emerald

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Wallace uses three of these Pokémon in Single Battles, four in Double and Rotation Battles, and all six in Triple Battles.


Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

Sootopolis City
"My name is Wallace. I'm this town's Gym Leader. I've also been entrusted with the protection of the Cave of Origin. This sunshineR/downpourS is caused by a power emanating from the Cave of Origin. That… That is the Red OrbR/Blue OrbS. I see. Follow me.
"The Cave of Origin is ahead. No one from Sootopolis is permitted to enter the Cave of Origin. But you must go. Together with your Red OrbR/Blue OrbS. You must go regardless of what awaits you inside the Cave…"
  • If talked to once again
"You must go together with your Red OrbR/Blue OrbS. You must go regardless of what awaits you inside the Cave…"
Sootopolis Gym
  • Before battle
"Allow me to formally introduce myself. I am Wallace. The Gym Leader of Sootopolis. There's something about you… A difference in your demeanor. I think I sense that in you. What happened inside the Cave of Origin, and what you did, I will likely learn through our upcoming battle. Now, show me. Show me the power you wield with your Pokémon. And I, in turn, shall present you with a performance of illusions in water by me and my Pokémon!"
  • When defeated
"Bravo. I realize now your authenticity and magnificence as a Pokémon Trainer. I find much joy in having met you and your Pokémon. You have proven yourself worthy of the Rain Badge. Accept it."
  • After being defeated
"Having that Badge assures you full obedience of all your Pokémon to every command you make. The Badge also allows the use of the HM move Waterfall to scale walls of cascading water. And, so you never forget the battle we shared, take this…"
"The TM I handed you contains Water Pulse. In use, it will occasionally confuse the target with ultrasonic waves."
  • If talked to once again and player skipped Fortree Gym
"There remains but one Badge to obtain in Hoenn. If you wish to challenge the Pokémon League, you must obtain the last Badge from the Gym in Fortree
  • If all 8 Badges are collected
"Trainers who have gathered all the Gym Badges of Hoenn should make way for the ultimate destination. The Pokémon League. Travel to the easternmost reaches of Hoenn, to the island Ever Grande. The Pokémon League is there."

Pokémon Emerald

Sootopolis City
  • After finding the Sky Pillar, before solving crisis
"Oh? <player>? Haven't you scaled the Sky Pillar yet? I'm sure that you can make it to the top of the Sky Pillar
  • After solving crisis
"<player>… The leaders of Team Magma and Aqua, I don't think they meant harm. It wouldn't hurt to hear what they have to say for themselves."
  • After solving crisis and talking to both Archie and Maxie.
"<player>… My eyes didn't deceive me. Thanks to your help, Sootopolis… No, all of Hoenn was saved. On behalf of the people, I thank you. This is a gift from me. Please accept it. That Hidden Machine contains Waterfall. If you have the Rain Badge, a Pokémon that has learned that HM move can force its way up waterfalls. And where does one get the Rain Badge? You know, don't you? That's right! You have to beat the Sootopolis Gym Leader. When you're all set to go, step through that door."
  • If talked to once again
"I'm sure that you will be dazzled by my mentor's breathtakingly elegant battle style."
Cave of Origin
"Ah, so you are <player>? I've heard tales of your exploits. My name is Wallace. I was once the Gym Leader of Sootopolis, but something came up. So now, I've entrusted my mentor Juan with the Gym's operation. … … … … … … … … … … … … Groudon and Kyogre, the two Pokémon wreaking havoc here, are considered to be super-ancient Pokémon. But there aren't just two super-ancient Pokémon. There is one more somewhere. Somewhere, there is a super-ancient Pokémon named Rayquaza. It's said that it was Rayquaza that becalmed the two combatants in the distant past. But even I have no clue as to Rayquaza's wherabouts… <player>, do you perhaps know where Rayquaza is now? If you do, please tell me."
  • Answered Cave of Origin
"The Cave of Origin? But that's right here! I need you to do better than that! Please, I need you to think about where Rayquaza might be right now."
  • Answered Mt. Pyre
"Mt.Pyre? But when I met the old lady there earlier, she made no mention of it. I very much doubt that the old lady would try to hide something from me… <player>, could you think about this more carefully for me?"
  • Answered the Sky Pillar
"The Sky Pillar? That's it! It must be the Sky Pillar! <player>, there's no a moment to lose! We'll head to the Sky Pillar right away!"
  • Answered Don't remember
"Huh? You don't remember? Hmm… That's a problem… Can't you remember somehow?"
Sky Pillar
"Oh, my, I'm terribly sorry! In my haste, I didn't noticed that I'd left you behind! I've opened the locked door of Sky Pillar. <player>, let's be on our way! It's an earthquake! There's not a moment to waste! We've got to hurry! Hmm… The situation is getting worse… This isn't good… The weather distortion is spreading even here… <player>. Rayquaza should be farther up from here. I'm worried about Sootopolis. I've got to go back. Everything is in your hands now. Don't fail us!"
Ever Grande City
  • Before battle
"Welcome, <player>. That incident in Sootopolis City... That was superb work, putting an end to that crisis all by yourself. Oops! It wouldn't be fair to say that you alone ended the crisis. You overcome that difficult situation by working as one with your Pokémon. We Trainers raise Pokémon by giving them items and by teaching them new techniques for battle. But we ourselves also learn many things from Pokémon. And this is where your achievements are put to the test against what others like you have achieved. Now! Who can most elegantly dance with their Pokémon in Hoenn? Show me right here and now!"
  • When defeated
"I, the Champion, fall in defeat... That was wonderful work. You were elegant, infuriatingly so. And yet it was utterly glorious! Kudos to you, <player>! You are a truly noble Pokémon Trainer!"
  • After being defeated
"The Pokémon you sent into battle... At times they danced like a spring breeze, and at times they struck like lightning. It was with light, yet surefooted, elegance that you led your Pokémon. Even I felt bedazzled by your masterful performance! You now stand at the glorious peak of the Pokémon League. I now proclaim you to be the new Hoenn region... "
"<Player>! No, let me rephrase that properly. The new Champion! Come with me." [to Rival] "I'm sorry, but... From here on, only those Trainers who have become Champions may enter. You'll have to wait outside with Prof. Birch."
"This room... This is where we keep records of Pokémon that prevailed through harsh battles. It is here that the League Champions are honored. Come on, let's record your name as a Trainer who triumphed over the Pokémon League, and the names of the partners who battled with you."

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Pokémon World Tournament
  • Before battle (first round)
"At times your Pokémon should dance like a spring breeze, and at times they should strike like lightning. I want to feel bedazzled by your masterful performance!"
  • Before battle (second round)
"You have overcome challenges and made it this far because you worked as one with your Pokémon. Show me that strength here and now!"
  • Before battle (final round)
"Who can most elegantly dance with their Pokémon? Show me right here and now!"
  • When defeated
That was wonderful work. You were elegant--infuriatingly so. And you know, it was utterly glorious!"
  • If the player is defeated
"I've shown you plenty of the water illusions performed by me and my Pokémon!"
  • After being defeated
"Bravo! I realize now your authenticity and magnificence as a Pokémon Trainer. I find much joy in having met you and your Pokémon."
  • After winning
"When you think there's a difference in your demeanor, let's meet again!"
  • In the lobby, after the tournament
"The reason for my defeat... It's... The grand illusion of water! It wasn't enough!"


Ruby Sapphire Wallace.png
Artwork from
Ruby and Sapphire


Spr RS Wallace.png Spr E Wallace.png Spr B2W2 Wallace.png
Sprite from
Ruby and Sapphire
Sprite from
Sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
Wallace III OD.png Wallace OD.png
Overworld sprite from
Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
Overworld sprite from
Black 2 and White 2

In the anime

Wallace in the anime

Wallace first appeared in Our Cup Runneth Over! as a Contest Master in Sinnoh. The gang found him relaxing near a lake with his Milotic. After watching Ash and Dawn's practice match against each other, he asks Ash to enter the Wallace Cup with his Buizel. He also does a practice appeal in the episode with his Milotic for Ash and the others.

He makes further appearances in Staging a Heroes Welcome, Pruning a Passel of Pals!, and Strategy With a Smile! acting as the judge for the Wallace Cup. He also awarded Dawn the Aqua Ribbon following her win at the Contest.

It is mentioned that, like in the games, Wallace is the former Sootopolis City Gym Leader and later the Hoenn Champion. It was revealed in Battling the Generation Gap! that the Pokémon Stylist Lila designed his outfit for Contests.

He made a brief cameo in SS024 in Dawn's dream, and in Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!, when he was mentioned by Dawn to Ash, Iris and Cilan.


This listing is of Wallace's known Pokémon in the anime:

Wallace's Milotic
Milotic is currently Wallace's only known Pokémon in the anime. It first appeared with its Trainer at "Sinnoh Now", when Dawn was watching TV. Previously, Milotic had helped Wallace become a Contest Master with the help of its beauty and skill. It first debuted in Our Cup Runneth Over! when Wallace had a secret training session with it out on a lake. Ash and his friends came across them and were impressed with its beauty and graceful moves. Milotic even gave Pikachu and Piplup a ride around the lake on its back. Later, Wallace did a practice appeal with his Pokémon for the gang and the Team Rocket trio.

Milotic helped Wallace make his sensational entrance to the Wallace Cup. It is clear that Wallace's fans also have a great love for Milotic as they went wild when it appeared. It even helped pass out the Ribbon to Dawn after she won the Wallace Cup.

Milotic's known moves are Aqua Ring, Dragon Pulse, Safeguard, Twister, and Hydro Pump.

Debut Our Cup Runneth Over!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 森川智之 Toshiyuki Morikawa
English Sean Reyes
Czech Marek Libert
Norwegian Trond Teigen
Polish Tomasz Błasiak
Brazilian Portuguese Élcio Sodré
European Spanish Cholo Moratalla

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201
File:Wallace Adventures.png
Wallace and Elizabeth

In Pokémon Adventures, he is the Sootopolis Gym Leader, in addition to being a Contest master as well as the protector of the Cave of Origin. Wallace also takes Ruby under his wing, much like how Winona did for Sapphire. Despite having aligned himself with Team Aqua, he has a strong sense of justice, and is the first of the aligned Gym Leaders to renounce his loyalty, convincing Winona, who sided with the Magmas, to do the same.

It was revealed in Volume 21 that Wallace was the Hoenn League Champion who had entered the Hall of Fame. However, he renounced the title as he expressed his wish of following his mentor, Juan's, footstep of becoming a Gym Leader of his city. According to Steven, what Wallace did not mention to the director of the Pokémon Association is that there is a second reason for his renouncement: He was trying to stay with Winona, the Fortree Gym Leader.

He and Winona apparently had some sort of relationship in the past, speculated by most fans to have been romantic. Although it is largely unconfirmed whether Winona still has feelings for him, it is quite obvious that he still has feelings for her, based on the scene where the two say their goodbyes before they leave to fight Kyogre and Groudon in Volume 20.

Wallace regained the title of Champion after Steven had a premonition that he would die in the upcoming battle between Groudon and Kyogre.

Wallace usually travels on an "Air Car", which can travel on both the land and the air.


This listing is for Wallace's Pokémon in the Pokémon Adventures manga.

Elizabeth (Japanese: エリザベス) is usually seen out of her Poké Ball. She made her first appearance with Wallace during the Gym Leader's meeting. Later, she along with the other Pokémon participated in a Contest in Fallarbor Town where she made the best of Ruby and his Pokémon in a Contest appeal. During the clash of Kyogre and Groudon, she was used in the battle against Mitch.

Elizabeth's known moves are Water Gun, Charm, Water Pulse, Water Sport and Rain Dance, and its Ability is Swift Swim.

Debut Short Shift for Shiftry
Richard (Japanese: リチャード) was first used in a Contest appeal along with Wallace's other Pokémon. He was able to dazzle the audience. Later, Richard defeated Ruby in the final round. Richard was used against Groudon in VS. Kyogre & Groudon XVII.

Richard's only known move is Ice Ball.

Debut I More Than Like You, Luvdisc I
Phillip (Japanese: フィリップ) was used in a Contest located in Fallarbor. He was able to dazzle the audience. Later, Phillip defeated Ruby in the final round. During the clash of Kyogre and Groudon, Phillip was used in the battle against Mitch.

Phillip's known moves are Surf and Tickle.

Debut I More Than Like You, Luvdisc I
Charles (Japanese: チャールズ) was used in various Contests as well as many battles. During the Contest in his debut appearance, he was able to defeat Ruby. He was seen battling a Team Magma grunt during Kyogre and Groudon's clash.

Charles's known moves are Horn Attack and Surf, and its Ability is Water Veil.

Debut I More Than Like You, Luvdisc I
Wallace's Clamperl
Not much is known about Clamperl except that it helped Wallace win the title of Hoenn Champion.

Clamperl's known moves are Whirlpool, and its Ability is Shell Armor.

Debut VS. Kyogre & Groudon XIII
Wallace's Registeel
Main article: Brandon's Registeel

Registeel was originally with Steven; however, as of Steven's apparent death, Registeel and the other Regis vanished to the mountains, where they have been caught by Brandon.

Debut VS. Regirock, Regice & Registeel II


  • Wallace is the only Gym Leader that appeared in the anime, but not in his home region, appearing only in Sinnoh during the Wallace Cup arc.
  • Wallace's Pokémon in Ruby and Sapphire are the same Pokémon used by Juan against Ash in the anime.
  • A number of Wallace's lines before, during and after the player's battle with him in Pokémon Emerald are extremely similar to Steven Stone's at the same time periods in Ruby and Sapphire. In particular, the line Wallace says upon defeat is the same as Steven's, only with references to elegance added.
  • Wallace and Iris were both trained by Gym Leaders, and both were the eighth Gym Leader in their respective regions, and afterwards, became the Champion, while their mentors took their places in their Gyms.
  • Wallace is the only Champion whose Pokémon are all of his specialty type.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ミクリ Mikuri ミクリ Mikuri, Sparganiaceae.
English Wallace From water.
French Marc Possible references to mer, (sea).
German Wassili A pun on the word Wasser (water).
Italian Adriano Possible relation to Adriatico, the Adriatic Sea.
Spanish Plubio Possible derivation from pluvial or pluvioso (pluvial or rainy).
Korean 윤진 Yunjin
윤석 Yunseok*
Chinese (Mandarin) 米可利 Míkělì Transliteration of his Japanese name.


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