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Sugimori art of the Vs. Seeker

The Vs. Seeker (Japanese: バトルサーチャー Battle Searcher, named without a period in Generation III as "Vs Seeker") is a key item that appears in Pokémon FireRed, LeafGreen, Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. It is used to re-battle Trainers that the player has battled previously.

Locations and uses of the Vs. Seeker

File:Vsseeker obtain.png
Explaining the use of the Vs. Seeker

All games

When used, the Vs. Seeker sends out a signal that allows Pokémon Trainers to find other Trainers who want a rematch. This signal affects all Trainers that are within the player's view. Once used, the device cannot be used again until it is charged. The player does this by walking a total of 100 steps. The effect on the Trainers wears off either when they have been battled, when the player leaves the route, or when the player walks 100 steps within the route. If the player attempts to use the Vs. Seeker when it is not fully charged, the player will be told how many steps remain for it to function. It should be noted that after using the Vs. Seeker, some Trainers may have higher-leveled Pokémon than the last battle, and their Pokémon may even have evolved. The Vs. Seeker is also unable to be used in buildings or caves, even where previously battled Trainers are present.

Generation III

The Vs. Seeker can be obtained from a girl in the Vermilion City Pokémon Center, claiming that she is giving them out to everyone for free. The indication of a rematch is initially a speech bubble above the Trainers' heads with a black double exclamation mark (!!). After that, the Trainers jump up and down or raise their hands to remind the player post-battle of who wanted a re-match. Trainers that have not been battled previously by the player display a single red exclamation mark (!), and do not jump up and down. Trainers that do not wish to battle display a blue speech bubble containing a white X.

Red uses the Vs. Seeker on Route 25. Five Trainers wish to have a rematch.

Generation IV

The Vs. Seeker is received from Dawn/Lucas on Route 207 after the first trip down Cycling Road in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. In Platinum, instead he/she meets the player at the entrance to Mt. Coronet. The indication of a rematch in Generation IV is similar to that of Generation III. The initial reaction is a speech bubble containing a double red exclamation mark (!!), and the Trainers rotate in place afterwards. If a Trainer does not want to battle, they will do nothing.

In the manga

According to the Pokémon Adventures manga, the Vs. Seeker was designed by Bill and works by sensing the fighting spirit of willing Trainers.

In the TCG

The VS Seeker has appeared as a card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


  • Red and Leaf, in their Generation III designs, wear them on their backpack straps.
    • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pokémon Trainer has a Vs. Seeker, as his design is based on Red.
    • Red's Vs. Seeker still appears on his Generation IV sprite.
  • The PokéNav and the Vs. Seeker resemble each other somewhat, and also both serve the purpose of allowing players to rechallenge Trainers they previously battled. They are also found in counterpart regions.
  • Using the VS. Seeker does not temporarily lower the volume of any current background music, such as Cynthia's theme, when playing the Piano in the Villa of Pokémon Platinum.
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