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Vivica (Japanese: ユリコ Yuriko) is a Pokémon Trainer who competed in the Ever Grande Conference.

In Saved by the Beldum, Vivica was up against Tyson in the first preliminary battle. She sent her Persian into battle against Tyson's Meowth, who seemed very determined to defeat its evolved form.

Unfortunately for Tyson, Vivica's Persian had the early advantage. Using attacks like Water Pulse and Shadow Ball, it managed to weaken Meowth. Meowth eventually gained the upper hand though and defeated it. However, even after Persian fainted, Tyson's Meowth ran up to Persian with its claws extended, prepared to finish it off for good. Tyson quickly recalled it before anything could happen. Because of this loss, Vivica was eliminated from the tournament.


This is a listing of Vivica's known Pokémon:

Vivica's Persian
Vivica's Persian's only appearance was in Saved by the Beldum where it battled against Tyson and his Meowth in the preliminaries of the Ever Grande Conference. Even before the battle had even begun, Meowth showed a lot of dislike against Persian and almost ran up to it even before the referee had announced the start of the battle. Meowth went for a Slash but Persian dodged it and it used Fury Swipes which took a direct hit. Meowth then used Double Team making Persian confused but it used Water Pulse which hit Meowth badly.

Persian then went for Shadow Ball which hit Meowth, knocking it right into the wall. But then the Scratch Cat Pokémon used Iron Tail hitting Persian badly. It then quickly used Dig but Meowth followed up with a Thunderbolt hitting Persian, even while it was underground. Persian fainted following this hit, giving Tyson the win.

Suddenly after Persian had fainted, Meowth tried to hurt it even more but was stopped by Tyson.

Persian's known moves are Fury Swipes, Water Pulse, Shadow Ball and Dig.

Debut Saved by the Beldum

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 西村ちなみ Chinami Nishimura
English Liza Jacqueline
European Spanish Beatriz Berciano

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