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The Visual Competition (Japanese: ビジュアル審査 Visual Examination) is the first round of a Pokémon Super Contest in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

The Visual Competition consists of two portions: the condition portion and the dress-up portion. The score from the Visual Competition is the total number of hearts given from both portions.


The condition portion is the equivalent of the preliminarily judging of the Pokémon Contests of Generation III. As in the previous generation, Pokémon are rated based on their condition in the appropriate category. These stats can be raised using Poffins, or Pokéblocks if raised in Generation III then transferred.

Scoring in the condition portion is also similar to that of Generation III. A Pokémon's score in the condition portion is the sum of the following:

  • The condition in the Contest's primary attribute
  • ½ of the condition in each of the Contest's secondary attributes
  • ½ of the Pokémon's sheen

This score is boosted by 10% if the Pokémon is holding the scarf in the primary attribute and 5% if the Pokémon is holding the scarf in either secondary attribute. Depending on what this score is and the rank of the Contest, a number of red hearts is shown for this portion:

Rank 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Normal Rank ≤9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70-79 ≥80
Great Rank ≤89 90-109 110-129 130-149 150-169 170-189 190-209 210-229 ≥230
Ultra Rank ≤169 170-199 200-229 230-259 260-289 290-319 320-349 350-379 ≥380
Master Rank ≤319 320-359 360-399 400-439 440-479 480-519 520-559 560-599 ≥600
Link Contest ≤99 100-199 200-299 300-399 400-449 450-499 500-549 550-599 ≥600


However, in Super Contests, an extra element is added to these competitions by dressing up the Pokémon with Accessories found in the Fashion Case. By using the stylus to drag and drop Accessories onto the Pokémon, Coordinators must dress up their Pokémon as well as they can within the 60 second time limit. These competitions will have a randomly picked theme (chosen based on the rank of the Contest) which the competitors must follow.

  • Normal Rank - The Colorful, The Natural, The Created
  • Great Rank - The Shapely, The Sharp, The Solid
  • Ultra Rank - The Bright, The Gaudy, The Flexible
  • Master Rank - The Festive, The Intangible, The Relaxed

A Contest will have its theme chosen from those of its rank and those below it. Link Contests will have a theme selected from all themes.

The number of Accessories that can be placed on a Pokémon increases by five with each rank: five for Normal Rank, ten for Great Rank, fifteen for Ultra Rank, and finally, twenty for Master Rank.

The scores for each Accessory and the corresponding theme are given on the Accessory page. Depending on the Accessory score and the rank of the Contest, a number of pink hearts is shown:

Rank 0 1 2 3
Normal Rank <3 4-5 6-8 >9
Great Rank <5 6-10 11-15 >16
Ultra Rank <7 8-15 16-23 >24
Master Rank / Link Contest <10 11-20 21-30 >31

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