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Tachiwaki City
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Gym - Unova Gym #2
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Gym - Unova Gym #2
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Gym - Unova Gym #2
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File:Unova Tachiwaki City Map.png
Location of in Unova.

(Japanese: タチワキシティ Tachiwaki City) is a city in southwestern Unova. It is the location for the second Gym that the player visits in the games Black 2 and White 2, led by Homika.

Places of interest


Main article: Pokéwood

Pokéwood is located next to the Tachiwaki Gym. It's a building in which you can participate in Pokémon movies, which have you participate in various scenarios to create a movie.

Tachiwaki Gym

Main article: Tachiwaki Gym

The Tachiwaki Gym is the official Gym of Tachiwaki City. The Gym Leader is Homika. The Tachiwaki City Gym is a Gym is a music club. For defeating Homika, Trainers receive a badge.

In the anime

Tachiwaki City first appeared in the anime when Ash and his friends arrive in the city in BW082. The town has had a movie studio since long ago and recently an amusement park was completed. The group meets Luke who is visiting to participate in a movie contest and they help in the making of his film. In BW083 and BW084, Ash arrived at Tachiwaki Gym, in order to battle Gym Leader Homika for his eigth gym battle in Unova. In BW085 Ash and his friends, having found out that the Unova League begins in three months, decided to go eat Tachiwaki City's famous "Beartic Ice Cream" at Cilan's suggestion. When they do, they meet the Sinnoh Region Champion, Cynthia.

Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese タチワキシティ Tachiwaki City

Trio Badge.png Basic Badge.png Insect Badge.png Bolt Badge.png Quake Badge.png Jet Badge.png Freeze Badge.png Legend Badge.png
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