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'''Viper''' (Japanese: '''バイパー''' ''Viper'') is a [[character of the day]] in [[Pokémon Chronicles]] who appeared in ''[[SS012|Training Daze]]''. He is the Drill Sergeant of the [[Team Rocket Academy]]. He trains new recruits for [[Team Rocket]].
'''Viper''' (Japanese: '''バイパー''' ''Viper'') is a [[character of the day]] in [[Pokémon Chronicles]] who appeared in ''[[SS012|Training Daze]]''. He is the Drill Sergeant of the [[Team Rocket Academy]] and trains new recruits for [[Team Rocket]].
===Given to new recruits===
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==Voice actors==
==Voice actors==
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[[Category:Chronicles characters of the day]]
[[Category:Chronicles characters of the day]]
[[Category: Members of Team Rocket]]
[[Category:Members of Team Rocket]]
[[Category:Male characters]]
[[Category:Male characters]]

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Viper (Japanese: バイパー Viper) is a character of the day in Pokémon Chronicles who appeared in Training Daze. He is the Drill Sergeant of the Team Rocket Academy and trains new recruits for Team Rocket.


Given to new recruits

Team Rocket Academy Various.png
Team Rocket Academy Various.png
Team Rocket Academy Various.png
Team Rocket Academy Various.png

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 加藤精三 Seizō Katō
English Mike Pollock
European Spanish Pedro Tena

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