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Violight シデンの国 Spr Violight Kingdom.png
Shiden Nation
Violight Kingdom.png
Type Electric
Warlord Ginchiyo and Muneshige

Gate of Violight

Violight (Japanese: シデンの国 Shiden Nation) is a kingdom in Pokémon Conquest.


The electrically powered battlefield of Violight features electric tiles, Electric Switches, and an Electric System. Only Electric-type Pokémon can stand on electric tiles. Electric Switches can be stepped on in order to electrify an area of 4x4 tiles, dealing Electric-type damage to Pokémon hit by it. After the message "The Electric System has been activated!" appears, several tiles of the battlefield are hit with Electric-type damage.

Wild Pokémon areas

Sky Garden

Level 1-3
Pichu Pichu
Mareep Mareep
Shinx Shinx
Joltik Joltik
Level 2-3
Pikachu Pikachu
Flaaffy Flaaffy
Galvantula Galvantula
Level 3
Luxio Luxio

Floating Rock

Unlocked by Sky Garden reaching level 2.

Level 1-3
Pichu Pichu
Mareep Mareep
Shinx Shinx
Blitzle Blitzle
Level 2-3
Pikachu Pikachu
Galvantula Galvantula
Level 3
Zebstrika Zebstrika

Special Pokémon

On rare occasions, the following Pokémon will appear in the kingdom's regular wild Pokémon areas, and stay there for a month. When this happens, the player is notified by a Messenger during the start of the month.

Emolga Emolga

Idyllic Skies

Unlocked by Nobunaga being in Violight at the start of the month, while holding the Conqueror Crystal.

The Conqueror Crystal is unlocked by controlling at least twelve kingdoms, with Ranmaru and Mitsuhide in the same kingdom as Rank II Nobunaga.

Zekrom Zekrom


  • Bank
    • Invest gold to upgrade locations. Not available in the initial story.
  • Shop
    • Buy and sell items.
  • Ponigiri Shop
    • Increase Pokémon's Energy by feeding them ponigiri.
  • Power Plant
    • Summon Pokémon using a mysterious electrical power. Appears after upgrading the Shop, the Ponigiri Shop, and the Sky Garden to level 2.


Ransei's Greatest Beauty

Ginchiyo is the Warlord of Violight in the seven Ransei's Greatest Beauty stories.

Her default army is presented below. As the months pass, the army will develop by recruiting Warriors, forming links, increasing links, equipping items, investing in locations, and challenging other kingdoms to battle.

She is controlled by the player in Pride and Precociousness. In this case, the default army is affected by any prior accomplishments saved in the Gallery.

Ginchiyo Chiyo Yoshi
Conquest Ginchiyo I icon.png Bustle Conquest Warrior F 01 icon.png Sweet Song Conquest Warrior F 04 icon.png Detox
Volt Switch
Faint Attack
Inner Focus

Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese シデンの国 Shiden no Kuni From 紫電 shiden, purple lightning.
English Violight From violet and lightning.



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