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hometown=[[Santalune City]] |
hometown=[[Santalune City]] |
region=[[Kalos]] |
region=[[Kalos]] |
relatives={{ga|Alexa}} (older sister)|
relatives=[[Alexa]] (older sister)|
trainer=yes |
trainer=yes |
trainerclass=[[Gym Leader]] |
trainerclass=[[Gym Leader]] |

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ビオラ Viola
XY Viola.png
Artwork from X and Y
Gender Female
Eye color Dark green
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Santalune City
Region Kalos
Relatives Alexa (older sister)
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation VI
Games Pokémon X and Y
Leader of Santalune Gym
Badge Unknown Badge
Specializes in Bug types

Viola (Japanese: ビオラ Viola) is a Gym Leader from Santalune City in Pokémon X and Y. She specializes in Bug-type Pokémon.

In the games

Viola appears in Pokémon X and Y as a Gym Leader from Santalune City. She is also a professional photographer.


  • Viola is both the first female Bug-type Gym Leader and the first female Bug-type specialist overall.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ビオラ Viola From the genera Viola and Viola.
English, German Viola Same as Japanese name.
French Violette Similar to Japanese name.
Italian Violetta Similar to Japanese name.
Spanish Violeta Similar to Japanese name.

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