Village of Dragons

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Village of Dragons
竜の里 Village of Dragons
Village of Dragons.png
Village of Dragons
Region Unova
Debut The Bloom is on Axew!

The Village of Dragons (Japanese: Village of Dragons) is a location which is in the Unova region in the anime. It is also the hometown of Iris.

Leaving the Village of Dragons for Opelucid School

The Village of Dragons is a place where people raise and admire Dragon-type Pokémon. An elder who lives there will also give out Axew for Trainers to raise into Haxorus. It was first mentioned by Iris in The Bloom Is on Axew! when she explained how she obtained her Axew.

Statues of Reshiram and Zekrom were built in the center of the village to commemorate them.

Dragon Pokémon roam around the village freely, such as Axew and its evolved form, Fraxure. Not all the Pokémon here are Dragon-type though: other Pokémon such as Drilbur live here as well.

Every year, there is a Pokémon battle tournament that Iris and her Excadrill were seen competing at. Drayden was also seen competing with his Haxorus.

According to Iris, most people from the village dream to become a Dragon Master.

The village was first seen live in BW100.

Pokémon seen in the Village of Dragons

Iris Axew debut.png
Drayden Haxorus.png
Village of Dragons Axew Fraxure.png
Village of Dragons Axew Fraxure.png
Zweilous → Hydreigon
Young Iris playing with Pokemon.png
Young Iris playing with Pokemon.png
Young Iris playing with Pokemon.png
Iris Deerling.png
Young Iris Minccino Pansear.png
Young Iris Minccino Pansear.png
Iris Drilbur.png
Village of Dragons Druddigon.png
Village of Dragons Patrat.png
Village of Dragons Watchog.png
Village of Dragons Darumaka.png

In the games

In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, when using Memory Link in Opelucid City, Drayden mentions the Village of Dragons as the place he met Iris while travelling the world, stating it is outside the Unova region and is Iris's hometown.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 龍之鄉 Lóng-zhī Xiāng
Finland Flag.png Finnish Lohikäärmekylä
Germany Flag.png German Dorf der Drachen
South Korea Flag.png Korean 용의고을 Yong-yi Goeul
Poland Flag.png Polish Wioska Smoków
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Aldea de los Dragones

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