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Vientown (Japanese: ビエンタウン Vientown) is a town in the game Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. It is located in the center of Almia, and is the nearest town to the Ranger School. Vientown is surrounded by a forest and is located next to Nabiki Beach. It has a ranger base run by Barlow and Crawford under special circumstances.


Pokémon Poké Assist Field
241 Miltank * Normal PA.png Normal Tackle 2

Nabiki Beach

Nabiki Beach is where the player's Partner Pokémon is chosen. Either Starly, Munchlax or Pachirisu can be chosen. The beach has very few Pokémon. Along the beach is the entrance to Marine Cave, and a small area known as Breeze Hill.


Pokémon Poké Assist Field


276 Taillow Flying PA.png Flying Cut 1
387 Turtwig * Grass PA.png Grass No
396 Starly * Flying PA.png Flying No
399 Bidoof Normal PA.png Normal Crush 1
417 Pachirisu * Electric PA.png Electric No
422 Shellos Water PA.png Water Soak 1
427 Buneary * Normal PA.png Normal Crush 1
431 Glameow Normal PA.png Normal Cut 1
440 Happiny * Normal PA.png Normal Crush 1
446 Munchlax * Normal PA.png Normal No


These are the quests which can be found in Vientown:

Calm Down Miltank

I got asked to do the milking. I surely would, even though I'm deathly a-scared of Pokémon, but out Miltank's gone all feisty on me... Can you go to my farm and calm down my Miltank?

Breeze Hill Sign Recovery

A falling rock flattened the sign for Breeze Hill. I'm hoping to fix the sign, but that giant rock is hopelessly in the way. Can you do something about it?

Is Combee Okay?

After that awful forest fire, the cute Combee haven't come around. It would reassure me so if you would let me see an adorable Combee again.

Clear Some Fallen Logs

I'd appreciate it if someone could clear away some fallen logs in Vien Forest. They're blocking paths, much to the annoyance and inconvenience of all. There were two, if I recall correctly.

Elaine's Favorite

I want to show Elaine her favorite kind of Pokémon up close. That's why I'd like you to bring back a Dragonair for her. They say there's one in Almia Castle.

Strange Crates Washed Ashore

Big wooden crates have been washing ashore at Nabiki Beach lately. Can Rangers help do something about them if they find any on the beach?

For Little Tim

You know how my husband's deathly afraid of Pokémon, don't you dear? I want to cure him of that once and for all, so I'd like you to bring back a Slakoth.

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