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Pokémon Forever
Korean opening themes
Pocket Monsters AG
Pocket Monsters AG New and Best CD cover.png
Artist 박응식 (지무), 방대식, 김주희
Park Eungsik (Jimu), Bang Daesik, Kim Juhui
Lyrics 김주희
Kim Juhui
Composer 방용석, 김준휘
Bang Yongseok, Kim Junhwi
Arrangement 방용석, 김준휘
Bang Yongseok, Kim Junhwi

Victory is an unused opening theme opening theme for the Korean dub of the original series. Although this song was meant to be used for the Johto saga, it was ultimately scrapped in favor of Pokémon Forever. Despite this, it was still included on the album Pocket Monsters AG (New & Best).


Korean English

언제나 내곁에 있어
항상 널 잊지 않아
만나서 반가워
귀엽고 재미난 내 친구

힘겨운 순간에
눈물 닦아주는
친구가 항상 내 곁에 있어
막을 수 없어
다시 시작한 여행을

이제 조금만 더 기다려
모험이 끝나는 날

나를 향해 빛나는
또다른 내일을 향해
끝없이 달려가


내일 또 새로운 세상이
멀리서 날 부르네

매일 커져만 가는
마음속 내 꿈을 향해

힘차게 달려가
새로운 날 위해

Always stay by me
I'll never forget you
It's nice to meet you
My fun and cute friend

By my side, I always have a friend
Who wipes my tears away
In times of trouble
Can't block it,
The journey that has restarted

Now just wait a little longer
For the day when the adventure ends

Endlessly run
Towards the new tomorrow
That shines to me


Tomorrow, a new world
Beckons me from afar

To my dream in my heart
That grows every day

Run powerfully
For a new myself
Pokémon Forever
Korean opening themes
Pocket Monsters AG
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