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File:Higaki Conference Stadium.png
The setting for the competition

(Japanese: ヒガキ大会 Higaki Conference) is the Unova League general championship competition.

The conference is held in Higaki City. Competing Trainers are housed in lodgings in small villages similar to previous Leagues. The conference began in BW103.

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Opening ceremonies

The opening ceremony consists of Freddy O'Martian jumping down from a helicopter and Officer Jenny lighting the League torch.


File:Higaki Conference Trainers.png
The preliminary round match-ups

Preliminary round

The preliminary round consists of one-on-one battles. All the 128 competitors are randomly matched up by a computer. The 64 winning Trainers move on to the next round.

Qualifying rounds

First round

The first round consists of Single Battles with two Pokémon used by each Trainer. The 32 winning Trainers move on the next round.

Second round

The second round consists of Single Battles with two Pokémon used by each Trainer. The 16 winning Trainers move on the next round.

Third round

The third round consists of Single Battles with three Pokémon used by each Trainer. The 8 winning Trainers move on the next round.

Final rounds

The final rounds are a series of Full Battles with the Top 8 Trainers participating. The winner of the Higaki Conference is the Trainer that wins all of the final rounds.

Trainers who have participated in the Higaki Conference

Trainer Place
Ash Ketchum N/A
Kotetsu N/A
Virgil N/A
Katharine N/A
Dino N/A
Antonio N/A
Ramone N/A
Imotaro N/A
Stephan Top 16
Flora Top 16
Manning Top 16
Kenton Top 16
Geraldo Top 64 or Top 32
Emmanuel Top 64 or Top 32
Bianca Top 64
Trip Top 128
Kenō Top 128
Ultimo Top 128
Michael Top 128
Raul Top 128


  • This is the only league featuring major characters of the day previously introduced.

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