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175Togepi.png This article contains fan speculation.
There is no solid evidence for or against some parts of this article.

It is not yet known if there will be future generations of the Pokémon franchise. However, it has been indicated in the past, that not every Pokémon in the world has been discovered yet, and regions to which unknown Pokémon are native are likely to be revealed gradually. The Pokémon franchise remains very profitable for Nintendo and is currently the second best selling video-game franchise, second only to the Mario franchise (which also belongs to Nintendo), meaning that the end of the series is likely still far away.

Speculation for features of new generations

Currently, there are four generations of Pokémon games, each with their own set of then-new Pokémon, moves and several other things that have become the pattern of the main series so far. Although nothing is known at this time about a possible Generation V or beyond, the patterns which have applied to all four current generations are expected to continue to hold true in the future.

What is so far assumed from the patterns that have run from Generation I to the present about Generation V and beyond is as follows:

Speculation against future generations

  • Legendary Pokémon typically have a backstory that supersedes those of previous generations. Arceus is the creator of the Pokémon universe: some believe that Pokémon cannot grow more powerful.
  • Professor Rowan said that 90% of all Pokemon evolve to or from other Pokemon. Unless this currently true fact is to be disregarded in future generations, it would limit the extent to which new species can be introduced.
  • Historical trends suggest that a new portable game system would be introduced before the introduction of a new generation. There are no signs of a successor to the Nintendo DS series yet.
    • Recently it was announced that a Pokémon game will be made for the Wii so can a proper mainstream game be made for a non-handheld?
      • This may introduce a lack of compatibility with previous Pokémon games; this has previously been unfavorable in the eyes of fans.
  • No Generation V Pokémon has been presented yet. Shortly prior to the release of Generations II, III, and IV, a new Pokémon has debuted in a Pokémon movie and the anime. Nothing has been revealed so far, although there remains at least one known movie not to have been released yet.
    • Though according to the teaser at the end of the 12th movie the next movie may be based on Lugia and Ho-oh and most likely a reference to the Generation II remakes HeartGold and SoulSilver it is therefore uncertain if any new Generation V Pokémon can or will appear.

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