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If you were looking for the Team Galactic commander whose name is Venus in Spanish, see Mars.

ヴィーナス Venus
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Orre
Trainer class Cipher Admin
Generation III
Games Pokémon Colosseum
Member of Cipher
Rank Admin

Venus (Japanese: ヴィーナス Venus) is one of the original four Cipher Admins. Considering herself a pop idol and diva, she's dressed in layers of pink silk and carries a crescent moon on her back. She's obsessed with being popular and attractive. Some people dislike her for this, but the rest of the Under civilians consider her very beautiful.

In battle, Venus's favorite strategy is to use Attract and layer other status effects to impair a Pokémon's ability to attack or defend itself.

Her name is taken directly from the Roman goddess of love, Venus.

In Pokémon Colosseum

Venus ruled over the Under in Orre. She soared to the heights of fame via a television show called "Under Time". Her catchphrase, "I'm your Venus!" made her a household name throughout the underground town. Venus soon became known as "Lady Venus". Most loved her, although a few of the depth dwellers were annoyed with her shameless self-promotion and vanity.

Venus used the Under Subway to transport Shadow Pokémon from the Shadow Pokémon Laboratory via train to the Under. She then distributed some of the Shadow Pokémon in the Under Colosseum and passed the rest on to Miror B. and his associates.

Venus was one of the Cipher Admins who had a Shadow version of a Legendary Pokémon: Suicune. Suicune is replaced by Milotic after it is snagged.

After Dakim was defeated by Wes, the young ex-criminal used the elevator in Miror B.'s Hideout to access the Under. Venus, hearing about the defeat of her colleague, used her television program to control the citizens with propaganda. She informed the people of the Under that a spy had invaded, and to capture him on sight.

The inhabitants of the Under, however, failed to recognize Wes and Rui as spies - thinking that they were members of the Under themselves.

However, Silva arrived in the Under, following the trail left by Cipher. He was immediately captured and locked up when he was mistaken as Wes.

Wes stormed the Under's TV Studio and confronted Venus on live television. Venus was defeated and she fled into the Under Subway. She lured Wes and Rui into Cipher's train, the Shadow Liner, and made an escape while the two young heroes were distracted. Unfortunately for her, she dropped the key to the Shadow Liner while she was running.

Venus didn't reappear until Realgam Tower was completed. The pink diva had one of the keys needed to unlock the path to the tower itself, and guarded it in the maze that surrounded the tower. She once again was defeated by Wes, and surrendered the Blue ID Card to him.

After Cipher and Team Snagem were taken down, Lady Venus still appeared as an opponent in the Deep Colosseum.


Venus's Milotic replaces her Shadow Suicune.

At The Under

At Realgam Tower

At Deep Colosseum

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Venus
Germany Flag.png German Venus
Italy Flag.png Italian Venus
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Venus

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