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[[Category:TCG expansion sets]]
[[Category:TCG expansion sets]]
[[ja:ポケットモンスターカードゲーム 拡張シート 第3弾 (緑版)]]

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The Vending Machine Cards are a series of special collections for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. They were released in Japan only.

Set Size

  • 36 cards in Series 1
  • 36 cards in Series 2
  • 52 cards in Series 3
The symbol for the Vending Machine Cards is an upside-down Pokéball.

Release Date

  • The first series of cards was released in Autumn 1998


  • These cards were not available in decks or booster packs, but from vending machines. It is important to note that "Vending Machine" is not the official name of this set, it is merely a nickname assigned by collectors. The cards were printed on glossy card and came attached to a roughly A4-sized sheet, colored either blue, red or green (depending on the series). The front of the sheets have step-by-step guides on how to play the game and advertisements for other Expansion sets, while the back of the sheet includes 3 cards (face down), cardboard damage counters and coins. Series 3 sheets include a special 4th card, which feature extra battle effects or checklists. Among these special cards is the “Pass Card” (see below).
  • While this was a novel idea in Japan, it was not introduced in America or European countries, likely because it was too expensive to produce/maintain and was not suited for the market. While some of these cards did make English appearances (as Wizards of the Coast Promotional Cards), many still remain exclusive to Japan.
  • People began to notice that some Pokémon did not have complete evolution chains over the three sets – this mystery was soon revealed. In April 1999 a “Masaki Evolution” Campaign was launched, inspired by the idea that in order for certain Pokémon to evolve in the games, they have to be traded. In order to acquire the fully evolved versions of Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler, Haunter and Omanyte, people had to send one of these cards along with a Pass Card to MediaFactory. In return they received the evolved version of the card they sent. Not many of these cards actually made it to collector's hands, and one can still expect to pay $100+ for them.
  • The character art for some of the cards in the Vending Machine series' were winners from an illustration competition started by CoroCoro Magazine in late 1997. Those winners were not only awarded by having their art fearure on real Pokémon cards, they also received the coveted Pikachu Illustrator card.
  • A special sheet of cards (dubbed “Series 00”) was released at the World Hobby Fair in 1998, featuring Pikachu, Mewtwo and Mew.

Series 1 (Blue Sheet)

No. Card Name Type Rarity
-- Bulbasaur Grass File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Caterpie Grass File:Rare com.gif
-- Metapod Grass File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Weedle Grass File:Rare com.gif
-- Kakuna Grass File:Rare com.gif
-- Nidoran♀ Grass File:Rare com.gif
-- Nidoran♂ Grass File:Rare com.gif
-- Zubat Grass File:Rare com.gif
-- Golbat Grass File:Rare com.gif
-- Paras Grass File:Rare com.gif
-- Parasect Grass File:Rare com.gif
-- Pinsir Grass File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Charmander Fire File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Rapidash Fire File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Squirtle Water File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Poliwag Water File:Rare com.gif
-- Poliwhirl Water File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Poliwrath Water File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Pikachu Lightning File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Abra Psychic File:Rare com.gif
-- Mr. Mime Psychic File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Mewtwo Psychic File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Geodude Fighting File:Rare com.gif
-- Pidgey Colorless File:Rare com.gif
-- Rattata Colorless File:Rare com.gif
-- Clefairy Colorless File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Wigglytuff Colorless File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Doduo Colorless File:Rare com.gif
-- Dodrio Colorless File:Rare com.gif
-- Lickitung Colorless File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Chansey Colorless File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Eevee Colorless File:Rare com.gif
-- Porygon Colorless File:Rare com.gif
-- Snorlax Colorless File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Moon Stone T --
-- Fossil Dig T --

Series 2 (Red Sheet)

No. Card Name Type Rarity
-- Venomoth Grass File:Rare com.gif
-- Grimer Grass File:Rare com.gif
-- Koffing Grass File:Rare com.gif
-- Tangela Grass File:Rare com.gif
-- Moltres Fire File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Seel Water File:Rare com.gif
-- Dewgong Water File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Shellder Water File:Rare com.gif
-- Krabby Water File:Rare com.gif
-- Lapras Water File:Rare com.gif
-- Omanyte Water File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Articuno Water File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Raichu Lightning File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Magnemite Lightning File:Rare com.gif
-- Magneton Lightning File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Voltorb Lightning File:Rare com.gif
-- Electabuzz Lightning File:Rare com.gif
-- Zapdos Lightning File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Jynx Psychic File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Sandshrew Fighting File:Rare com.gif
-- Machop Fighting File:Rare com.gif
-- Machoke Fighting File:Rare com.gif
-- Graveler Fighting File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Onix Fighting File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Marowak Fighting File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Hitmonlee Fighting File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Hitmonchan Fighting File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Kabuto Fighting File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Aerodactyl Fighting File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Spearow Colorless File:Rare com.gif
-- Fearow Colorless File:Rare com.gif
-- Ditto Colorless File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Flash T File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Master Ball T File:Rare com.gif
-- Max Revive T File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Effect Guard T File:Rare com.gif

Series 3 (Green Sheet)

No. Card Name Type Rarity
-- Arbok Grass File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Nidorina Grass File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Nidorino Grass File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Venonat Grass File:Rare com.gif
-- Bellsprout Grass File:Rare com.gif
-- Weepinbell Grass File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Weezing Grass File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Scyther Grass File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Vulpix Fire File:Rare com.gif
-- Growlithe Fire File:Rare com.gif
-- Ponyta Fire File:Rare com.gif
-- Magmar Fire File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Golduck Water File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Kingler Water File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Horsea Water File:Rare com.gif
-- Seadra Water File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Staryu Water File:Rare com.gif
-- Omanyte Water File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Kadabra Psychic File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Kadabra Psychic File:Rare com.gif
-- Slowbro Psychic File:Rare com.gif
-- Gastly Psychic File:Rare com.gif
-- Haunter Psychic File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Haunter Psychic File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Hypno Psychic File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Mewtwo Psychic File:Rare com.gif
-- Sandslash Fighting File:Rare com.gif
-- Machoke Fighting File:Rare com.gif
-- Graveler Fighting File:Rare com.gif
-- Cubone Fighting File:Rare com.gif
-- Rhydon Fighting File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Pidgeotto Colorless File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Kangaskhan Colorless File:Rare com.gif
-- Tauros Colorless File:Rare com.gif
-- Pokémon Retransfer T File:Rare com.gif
-- Pokémon Tower T File:Rare uncom.gif
Additional Cards
-- Extra Rule #1 - 4 Prize Match -- --
-- Extra Rule #2 - Double Damage -- --
-- Extra Rule #3 - 3 Decks -- --
-- Extra Rule #4 - 3 vs 3 -- --
-- Extra Rule #5 - Deck Swap -- --
-- 's Pikachu -- --
-- Pokémon Machine -- --
-- Pass Card -- --
-- Imakuni? -- --
-- Imakuni? In Hole -- --
-- Imakuni?'s Rules -- --
-- Checklist #1 -- --
-- Checklist #2 -- --
-- Checklist #3 -- --
-- Checklist #4 -- --
-- Checklist #5 -- --

Series “00”

No. Card Name Type Rarity
-- Pikachu Lightning File:Rare rare.gif
-- Mewtwo Psychic File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Mew Psychic File:Rare com.gif

Masaki Evolution Campaign Cards

No. Card Name Type Rarity
-- Omastar Water File:Rare rare.gifH
-- Alakazam Psychic File:Rare rare.gifH
-- Gengar Psychic File:Rare rare.gifH
-- Machamp Fighting File:Rare rare.gifH
-- Golem Fighting File:Rare rare.gifH

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