Veilstone Game Corner

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The Veilstone Game Corner is located in Veilstone City, Sinnoh.

This game corner houses sixteen slot machines. A coin case is necessary to play games.

Service Counter

The woman behind the counter to the left of the slots sells coins at rates of either 50 coins for File:Pokébuck sign.gif1,000 or 500 coins for File:Pokébuck sign.gif10,000.

Prize Exchange

Prizes are sold in the house to the right of the Game Corner.

The prizes available in the Prize Exchange house are:


Slot Machines

There are sixteen slot machines in the Game Corner, with four of them having people already seated at them.

Each spin of the machine takes 3 coins, which are inserted by pressing the X button. Reels will start spinning either when the D-pad is pressed down or the X button is pressed again. Y stops the left reel, A stops the middle, and B stops the right.


Bonus Round

As the game is played, occasionally a Poké Ball will roll up on the Touch Screen. They make the reels "sticky" and almost guarantee a win. The type of win depends on the Ball:

Randomly, a Clefairy will pop out of the Poké Ball on the touch screen, and can be either a normal one, a shiny one, or or one that appears to be a Transformed Ditto. Once the Clefairy appears, players must continue spinning the reels until they get a 100-coin bonus.

At this point the bonus round will begin. It only costs one coin to spin the reels while in the bonus round; after the reels begin spinning, the Clefairy will indicate which reel to stop first, as before left is Y, down is A, and right is B. Each time this is done correctly, three replays will be made possible, at fifteen coins apiece. Each bonus round has 15 spins, meaning that a perfect one yields 210 coins.

After 15 spins, the Clefairy with either stay for another bonus round or it will return to its Poké Ball and the bonus. This seems to be random. If ten or more bonus rounds are played in a row, talking to the woman behind the counter will yield players TM64 (Explosion.

Occasionally, the moon on the touch screen will glow red during a spin, and according to an NPC in the game corner, getting a replay when the moon is red "makes Clefairy tired." Because of this, following Clefairy's instructions during a red moon could cause the bonus round to end.

However, the moon may also occasionally glow bright white, and following Clefairy's instructions will almost always guarantee that Clefairy will stay for another bonus round.