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The Variety Channel is a radio channel introduced in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. It mixes the Buena's Password channel with a couple more new features. Aside from the aforementioned program are a documentary and radio play; the three programs rotate on an hourly basis throughout the day.


Pokémon Search Party

Pokémon Search Party is a radio documentary covering the events a data crew encounter while exploring caves and ruins. More episodes become available as the player advances through the game.

Serial Radio Drama

The Serial Radio Drama program features four different radio plays of varying genres.

  • An anime-style drama titled "The Young Pokéathlete Maximo", eight episodes total
  • A suspense drama titled "Johto Case Notes," five episodes total
  • A soap opera set around Johto and on the S.S. Aqua titled "Waves of Love," five episodes total
  • A road film-style drama titled "Delinquent Road," four episodes total

Buena's Password

Main article: Buena's Password

Buena's Password is a radio show where Buena tells the player a password, and the player will be able to go to Goldenrod City Radio Tower where they player get can earn points and prizes for getting the password right.

In HeartGold and SoulSilver, players receive gifts based on the points on their Blue Card as opposed to choosing what to purchase with these points, as was the case in Gold and Silver. Points went down in the earlier games after buying items - something which the Generation IV remakes did not have.

Gen II's Item Costs

Item Points
Ultra Ball 2p
Full Restore 2p
Nugget 3p
Rare Candy 3p
Protein 5p
Iron 5p
Carbos 5p
Calcium 5p
HP Up 5p

Gen IV's Item Costs

Item Points
Poké Ball 1p
Full Restore 3p
Protein 5p
Iron 10p
Carbos 15p
Nugget 20p
Rare Candy 25p
HP Up 30p


The three programs run on the same schedule daily.

Hour S M T W T F S
12A Pokémon Search Party
1A Serial Radio Drama
2A Buena's Password
3A Pokémon Search Party
4A Serial Radio Drama
5A Buena's Password
6A Pokémon Search Party
7A Serial Radio Drama
8A Buena's Password
9A Pokémon Search Party
10A Serial Radio Drama
11A Buena's Password
12P Pokémon Search Party
1P Serial Radio Drama
2P Buena's Password
3P Pokémon Search Party
4P Serial Radio Drama
5P Buena's Password
6P Pokémon Search Party
7P Serial Radio Drama
8P Buena's Password
9P Pokémon Search Party
10P Serial Radio Drama
11P Buena's Password


  • "Serial Radio Drama" may have originally been intended to be called the "Radio Miniseries", as is evident from the radio located in Mahogany Town.

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