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Valor Lakefront (Japanese: リッシこのほとり Risshi Lake Vicinity) is one of Sinnoh's lakefronts and links Routes 213, 214, 222, and Lake Valor. During the first visit, a Team Galactic grunt will battle the player. Then, nearby the entrance to the Lake Valor area, the player will meet Cynthia again. She is worried about group of Psyduck on the Route 210. She gives the player SecretPotion to cure the Psyduck of their headaches. She also tells the player legend about a mirage Pokémon that lives inside the lake.

Seven Stars Restaurant

The Seven Stars Restaurant is a building near the complex of Hotel Grand Lake. The restaurant is open from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Players can attend there a series of double battles with guests of the restaurant daily.


Inside Seven Stars Restaurant

The list of guests may differ.

Beauty Gabriella PI Kendrick
Collector Eugene Aroma Lady Alison
Artist Ismael Beauty Harley
School Kid Esteban Pokéfan Meredith
Scientist Emilio Pokémon Breeder Kaylee
Reporter Valerie Cameraman Darryl


style="background: #FFFFAA;" style="background: #5ED0FF;" style="background: #003366; color: #FFFF99;"
Name Games Location Levels Rate
All Times
Girafarig D P Grass 21-22 30%
Geodude D P Grass 20 20%
Bibarel D P Grass 21-22 15%
Kricketune D P Grass 21-22 5%
Staravia D P Grass 21-22 15%
Graveler D P Grass 21-22 15%
Kricketune D P Grass 21-22 5%
Staravia D P Grass 21-22 15%
Graveler D P Grass 21-22 15%
Kricketune D P Grass 21-22 25%
Staravia D P Grass 21-22 5%
Graveler D P Grass 21-22 5%
Special Pokémon
Nidorino P Poké Radar 21-22 20%
Nidorina P Poké Radar 22 2%
Nidorino D Poké Radar 22 2%
Nidorina D Poké Radar 21-22 20%


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