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See here for my opinions and stuff; the username is staying redlinked.

/MOS This user has not read the Manual and does not intend to.
/Bully This user would like Bulbapedians to start being nice on a regular basis.
/Admin This user opposes the adminship system.
/n00b This user is not a n00b and refuses to be treated as such.
/Quit This user plans to keep on editing despite the hostility of several users.
/Joke This user is quite serious. He doesn't joke around. Ever. Except for just then.
/Eyes only This talk page has an edit tab for a reason.
/Boring This user made his own Userboxen. Ask before you steal them.
/Secret This user welcomes your feedback on proposed policy.

Talk Page Archives (because apparently deleting is bad)


you see, we use talk pages for talking, so, give me one good reason why i shouldnt take a pile of garbage up there ^^^ and move it onto your main page, thusly, de-redding your name. -- MAGNEDETH 01:11, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

I see that, and above this post is it not clear that I am talking to you? As the general courtesy around Bulbapedia is to lay off of other peoples' user pages, I am confident that you will honor this and leave my redlinked name alone. It is my personal preference that my name stays red, so please don't let it bother you. It may interest you to know that while not editing in my own userspace, I will keep my usertalk and user-subpage edits to a minimum also, while still contributing to the encyclopedia as a whole. But thank you for your concern anyway. -- THE TROM 01:17, 14 November 2008 (UTC)