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# Pokémon Generation
035 Missingno. Clefairy Magic Guard
036 Missingno. Clefable Magic Guard
054 Missingno. Psyduck Cloud Nine Cloud Nine
055 Missingno. Golduck Cloud Nine Cloud Nine
066 Missingno. Machop No Guard
067 Missingno. Machoke No Guard
068 Missingno. Machamp No Guard
088 Missingno. Grimer Stench
089 Missingno. Muk Stench
090 Missingno. Shellder Skill Link
091 Missingno. Cloyster Skill Link
106 Missingno. Hitmonlee Reckless
107 Missingno. Hitmonchan Iron Fist
122 Missingno. Mr. Mime Filter
132 Missingno. Ditto Imposter
137 Missingno. Porygon Download
173 Missingno. Cleffa Magic Guard
183 Missingno. Marill Huge Power Huge Power Huge Power
184 Missingno. Azumarill Huge Power Huge Power Huge Power
202 Missingno. Wobbuffet Shadow Tag Shadow Tag
233 Missingno. Porygon2 Download
248 Missingno. Tyranitar Sand Stream
270 Missingno. Lotad Rain Dish Rain Dish
271 Missingno. Lombre Rain Dish Rain Dish
272 Missingno. Ludicolo Rain Dish Rain Dish
285 Missingno. Shroomish Poison Heal
286 Missingno. Breloom Poison Heal
287 Missingno. Slakoth Truant Truant
289 Missingno. Slaking Truant Truant
292 Missingno. Shedinja Wonder Guard Wonder Guard Wonder Guard
298 Missingno. Azurill Huge Power Huge Power Huge Power
300 Missingno. Skitty Normalize Normalize
301 Missingno. Delcatty Normalize Normalize
302 Missingno. Sableye Stall Stall
307 Missingno. Meditite Pure Power Pure Power Pure Power
308 Missingno. Medicham Pure Power Pure Power Pure Power
311 Missingno. Plusle Plus Plus
312 Missingno. Minun Minus Minus
318 Missingno. Carvanha Rough Skin Rough Skin
319 Missingno. Sharpedo Rough Skin Rough Skin
324 Missingno. Torkoal White Smoke White Smoke
335 Missingno. Zangoose Toxic Boost
350 Missingno. Milotic Marvel Scale Marvel Scale
351 Missingno. Castform Forecast Forecast Forecast
352 Missingno. Kecleon Color Change Color Change Color Change
360 Missingno. Wynaut Shadow Tag Shadow Tag
382 Missingno. Kyogre Drizzle Drizzle
383 Missingno. Groudon Drought Drought
384 Missingno. Rayquaza Air Lock Air Lock Air Lock
399 Missingno. Bidoof Unaware
400 Missingno. Bibarel Unaware
415 Missingno. Combee Honey Gather
425 Missingno. Drifloon Unburden Flare Boost
426 Missingno. Drifblim Unburden Flare Boost
427 Missingno. Buneary Klutz
428 Missingno. Lopunny Klutz
436 Missingno. Bronzor Heatproof
437 Missingno. Bronzong Heatproof
439 Missingno. Mime Jr. Filter
459 Missingno. Snover Snow Warning Snow Warning
460 Missingno. Abomasnow Snow Warning Snow Warning
466 Missingno. Electivire Motor Drive
474 Missingno. Porygon-Z Download
486 Missingno. Regigigas Slow Start Slow Start
491 Missingno. Darkrai Bad Dreams Bad Dreams
493 Missingno. Arceus Multitype Multitype
494 Missingno. Victini Victory Star
555 Missingno. Darmanitan Zen Mode
562 Missingno. Yamask Mummy
563 Missingno. Cofagrigus Mummy
566 Missingno. Archen Defeatist
567 Missingno. Archeops Defeatist
570 Missingno. Zorua Illusion
571 Missingno. Zoroark Illusion
597 Missingno. Ferroseed Iron Barbs
598 Missingno. Ferrothorn Iron Barbs
643 Missingno. Reshiram Turboblaze
644 Missingno. Zekrom Teravolt