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Jump to: navigation, search i have a chikorita...what would you give me for it? User:bill33421

What about a Jirachi?And i see you need an pinsir,well i got lol.

hm...i dont really care...azelf would be preferable but please let it be pokerus that i can infect others with cause i screwed it up last time i got it and so i might have it on pokemons in my pc but that would be 5 out of like 200 so i have no idea wich ones they are... but id do jirachi long as its know i only have chikorita...right?user:bill33421

Jirachi is Legitimate,Its from Pokémon Channel. And i can infect all pokemon with pokerus now

Great! My code is 5197-8916-4476...and i cant trade until...about 7 hours after i finish this cause ill be at school...hope we can work something out...thanks! user:bill33421

Ok.I'll need your name too because its required.So do you need an JIrachi with Pokérus right?

My name? okay: its tristan but you could go with tps (my initials)... so i can trade you have a yahoo or aim account we could im on?

I got msn

hmm..thats the only one i dont i can trade from 4 to 9 MST...wanna set up a certain time?

Well...Can you make an account on messenger?

i meant to do one anyways...*makes account* By the way i will probably only be on and can only trade from 4 Pm to 12 pm MST alright "[email protected]" is my ID...

wow you like totally copied my thing with picture of pokemon and then 'likes to sleep' or what ever thing it's okay though, --RyguyI'm sorry i was new You also copied my thing for the way I have my team. But I guess it's okay. --Shiny Noctowl 22:22, 22 August 2007 (UTC) Srry,i did not know how to make it. Toché --Ryguy

You guys know that this person likes it if they put it on their page the way you guys should make that, you know as a template so instead of typing the words and adding the you could just say

143.png This user likes to sleep.
but you probably already knew that...

oh...i just realised there already is both should put up { {User Sleep} } on your pages without the first and last spaces...