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<big>'''To-Do List:'''</big>
<big>'''To-Do List:'''</big>
*General [[Special:RecentChanges|RC]] patrolling.
*General [[Special:RecentChanges|RC]] patrolling.
*Creating new skins and styles for Bulbapedia.

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  • In charge of enforcing the Signature policy. Got questions? Fire away.
  • General administration stuff; deletion, page protection, vandal blocking, and if needed, conflict moderation.
  • Wiki-coding. I'm fairly experienced with wiki-code (my userpage, and this header, are both my design). Got questions? I'll do my best to provide answers.
  • Random dumb stuff. I liek mudkipz. U liek mudkipz?

To-Do List:

  • General RC patrolling.
  • Creating new skins and styles for Bulbapedia.
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New edits go here.

For example, this new edit goes where it is. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 12:06, 1 September 2009 (UTC)

And if you were replying to this meaningless section, you'd do so here. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 12:08, 1 September 2009 (UTC)
Am I doing it right, Geo? I'd hate to make a mess of this lovely clean talk page! —darklordtrom 07:23, 2 September 2009 (UTC)
UR DOIN IT RITE. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 18:53, 2 September 2009 (UTC)

hey im new here in bulbapedia but i use runescape wiki so i know a little but i need help with my signature could you tell me how to put the picture of surskit on the ends of my signature?-surskit123

You can't. The Signature policy bans images in signatures Werdnae (talk) 05:15, 26 September 2009 (UTC)
I'd whine about that if I were you. Great way to get stuff outta Geo. Especially if you're a little kid. Totallynotnova 23:43, 13 October 2009 (UTC)


*Little kid whine* *little kid whine*


whine! whine!


Totallynotnova 23:36, 13 October 2009 (UTC)

I request a response!
<insert proclamation of injustice here>
*moar whine*
Totallynotnova 23:39, 13 October 2009 (UTC)
I'm sure it won't be long until I get banned since Kogoro has a loaded shotgun up my ass, so I figured I'd say it was nice knowing you before I left, and I still maintain that I am totally NOT nova. Totallynotnova 02:48, 14 October 2009 (UTC)


Wouldn't it be easier to hide it, as in with <!-- --> parsers? ht14 01:21, 15 October 2009 (UTC)

Pokemon Infoboxes

Not sure where this question should go, but why are some of the Pokemon infoboxes (like for Ludicolo, Lombre, etc.) listed as Missingno?

Smooshie 01:48, 15 October 2009 (UTC)

Temporary update. It'll be fixed in a bit. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 01:49, 15 October 2009 (UTC)
Ooooh ok thanks :) Smooshie 01:49, 15 October 2009 (UTC)

Can you help me with my signature?

I really need help in the coding. I really don't see how the coding is made. The quotations taunt me so. Help me please!--Maii 01:55, 15 October 2009 (UTC)Maii

Bad timing right now. Give it an hour. Issues with BP and copyrights. ht14 01:56, 15 October 2009 (UTC)
I'll try to help somewhat. To edit the raw HTML of your signature, check the "treat signature as wikitext" box below your signature.--Liquid ICE (User:Cold)(page, talk) 01:58, 15 October 2009 (UTC)
If it's the coding itself that's giving you issues, I can code it up for you. What would you like your signature to look like? :) 梅子 02:01, 15 October 2009 (UTC)

He's a mover and a shaker

Ahoy, President of the MoveDex. Reckon we should be keeping the old images in the article somewhere? If so... where? —darklordtrom 10:24, 21 October 2009 (UTC)

Hmm. No particular uses seem to pop into my head at the moment; I don't think it would be feasible to keep older-generation screenshots on the same article, and I don't think sub-articles would work either.
I'm inclined to say we don't need the older images, but perhaps we shouldn't delete them just yet, in case something does pop up in the near future. Perhaps a "Possible future use" category would be handy on the Archives.
Strictly for Project MoveDex, however, I'd say there's little use for the outdated images. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 22:04, 21 October 2009 (UTC)

Thank you

Thank you for doing the Pokedex entries :D Littlmiget123 20:31, 23 October 2009 (UTC)

Metagross Pic

Hey. I would like to put a new pic on the main Metagross page. Can you do it for me?

File:MetagrossAnime.png --Hmdwgf 03:54, 24 October 2009 (UTC)

A higher-resolution version of Metagross_anime.png, it seems?
For future reference, if it's a strictly higher-quality version of an image already up, I believe it's perfectly fine to simply upload the better version on top of the old one (keeping the same name, and saving you the trouble of adding it to the correct pages). I'll just switch this one with the old one though, seeing as you've already uploaded it. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 12:57, 24 October 2009 (UTC)
OK. I shall do that in the future. --Hmdwgf 22:56, 24 October 2009 (UTC)


Hi, thank you for doin some of my Pokedex entries for me while the editing thing iz down, but can you make the Taillow entry Ruby/Sapphire instead of Emerald, like Solrock, or Treecko? Littlmiget123 22:04, 26 October 2009 (UTC)

Ups, my bad. Fixed, and thanks for the heads-up. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 00:25, 27 October 2009 (UTC)

"Project MoveDex"

So what is your next step in action for our little project? -- Landfish7 22:35, 27 October 2009 (UTC)

I think I'll get a test-fire going on Razor Leaf's article soon, and assuming it works with the formatting, we can start copying it over to other moves. I've been meaning to update the MoveDex project "to-do" list for a while now, so I'll put something up there soon, hopefully.
Do you have AIM, perhaps? We might be able to discuss the project a bit more over that. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 01:44, 28 October 2009 (UTC)
I don't mean to sound stupid but what is AIM? I know it probably has something to do with instant messaging.
And like I said before. We we will also need to upload more pictures instead of using pictures we already have (We CAN use pictures we already have but we ALSO need more pictures for other articles.) -- Landfish7 19:34, 28 October 2009 (UTC)
AIM is a chatting program, yes. "AOL Instant Messenger" (yes, they used an acronym within an acronym). I've also got MSN and Yahoo messengers, but if you don't have one, that's fine.
Yeah, if we can get the templates up, even without images, it'll be fine; the problem would simply be the description (not being a reader of the manga, I can't provide anything on that front).
If I have time, I'll make the template later tonight. But there's no hurry on it. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 23:31, 28 October 2009 (UTC)
Infact I do have Yahoo messenger. My e-mail address is [email protected] (don't be confused, I am a yahoo user). If I can get you on my contacts we can both manage to IM each other on Yahoo so we don't have to make a zillion edits to the userspace. (I've read the userspace policy before! :D) -- Landfish7 19:34, 29 October 2009 (UTC)

Pokedex entries

Thank you again for doin the pokedex entries for me while the edits for the pokemon are down. I'm just writing to thank you like a million times for doing all the pokedex entries ive requested for. Again, thanks. Littlmiget123 14:55, 29 October 2009 (UTC)

No problem. I've got all the Hoenn Pokémon on my watchlist, so just keep posting edit requests if you've got 'em. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 17:20, 29 October 2009 (UTC)

Are other Pokemon on your watchlist 2, becuase I just put up an edit request for geodude, do u have all the Pokemon on ur watchlist? Littlmiget123 19:40, 29 October 2009 (UTC)

I'm the one who reworked the Hoenn Pokémon, so that's all I'm watching currently. Whoever did Geodude should have it watched, but I'll double-check it myself. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 15:01, 30 October 2009 (UTC)
Thanks for adding those new Pokédex entries on Hariyama, Lairon, regirock and Registeel. But I have two things I would like to say you:

1. In Lairon's entry you have written as follow: "-and smashes its steely body up against others it battles over territory." I guess you should have written "in battles", not "it". i might be wrong because I didn't hear that part so well.
2. You should also add Nidoking's Pokédex entry from the same episode. If you don't know it, I can tell it to you if you want.
I'd be glad if you answered. --FinnishPokéFan92 08:56, 6 November 2009 (UTC)

Please? And could you also add Regigigas's entry? --FinnishPokéFan92 13:28, 8 November 2009 (UTC)

Been sick the past few days, and still a little under the weather. If nobody else does it before I'm back at full power, I'll get right on those. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 19:29, 9 November 2009 (UTC)

Just a reminder

What to do next on our little project? Or is the project ano go now? -- Landfish7 21:59, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

I haven't had a chance to speak with the other EB members yet (still recovering from a cold), but I think I'd still like to see a Manga section. Granted, it will only be on a limited number of moves, but the few that have it should contain enough information to warrant a full section.
I'm not sure if it'll need the same type of template as the "in the anime" section uses, however. I need to re-work a few other sections of the move articles anyway, so consider it temporarily on-hold until I get a chance to get the layout worked out. (feel free to continue dropping suggestions on the MoveDex or my own talk page, though.) -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 10:26, 12 November 2009 (UTC)
OK, Tell me when your ready for the next thing we need to do with this. By the way, you have a point, some things will need to be specified like, not just the "episode" but which manga it is. For example, is it Pokemon Adventure or some other manga? Anyway, I'll poke you if it begins to be a while (3 weeks or so?) -- Landfish7 22:12, 12 November 2009 (UTC)
Sounds good. I'll probably be feeling better and on Yahoo before that, so I'll give you a ping through IM just to get on the same page. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 22:41, 12 November 2009 (UTC)

Can you add this?

I think that you've forgot that Ice Ball was used by Walrain ans Sealio in the anime. 11:19, 22 November 2009 (UTC). - unsigned comment from Moti19909 (talkcontribs)

For future reference, typing four tildes ~~~~ automatically adds your signature and timestamp, so you don't need to type it out yourself or make multiple edits. =D
Anyway, I assume you mean to add an "In the anime" section to Ice Ball? I personally don't have access to the anime (not DVDs at least, so I can't take screen captures), so I can't add anything until someone's collected the images. Rest assured though, if someone gets some screenshots of it, it'll be added to the article. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 15:57, 22 November 2009 (UTC)


im bored so i decided to creep back in here now. Is Kogoro still ragey? i think I'm safe, more or less. *poke* Totallynotnova 06:03, 27 November 2009 (UTC)

Well mentioning it probably isn't the greatest way to check, hah. But drop me a line next time I'm on Steam or MSN. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 13:15, 27 November 2009 (UTC)

On the Matter of Moves--Swift, Attract, and Dragon Claw

Should there be periods at the ends of sentences in the anime sections of the moves? Most of them do have periods at the ends of the sentences, but I was not sure if I should correct the ones that do not (for example, Umbreon and Glameow's portions in the anime section of the move Swift do not have periods). Additionally, at what point does a move previously in the front become relocated to the back? (the move Icicle Spear does not have an anime section at the lower part of the article, for example) Should all anime move sections have ‘hide’ options? (the anime section for the move Attract does not have a 'hide' option, for example) Additionally, Dragon Claw has differing descriptions between TM and usage in-battle. Should that be listed?Steph 04:18, 11 January 2010 (UTC)

Gah, soo many questions. Let's see now.
I'm in favor of periods myself (I'm a fan of grammar), but honestly, it's not a big deal. Mostly comes down to the writer's style. No reason to go around adding periods to everything, but if you're writing one up in the first place, might as well stick a period on the end of it.
From the looks of it, Icicle Spear was simply never updated with the correct formatting and template. If you spot articles like that one, they're fair game to update; there's no requirements for cleanup on those.
On the same note, I have no idea why Attract isn't set to be expandable. I'm told it was made into a variable for the few moves that were only used once or twice, but honestly, even those could use the show/hide option. Either way, don't bother fixing those for now; I'll probably edit the template itself to always be expandable.
Hmm, as for Dragon Claw, how do they differ? (it appears I've already used all my copies of TM02.) -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 05:09, 11 January 2010 (UTC)
I'm sorry for butting in, but I edit the anime moves alot! I am going through and watching the anime, and everytime a new move debuts, I do what I can (i.e., if it isn't updated with an anime template, I'll do that, or if it doesn't have a show/hide section). If you want, you can leave Icicle Spear and Attract to me and I will edit them when I see them, that way they don't have false descriptions like a lot i've seen. Again, sorry for butting in. Littlmiget123 13:02, 11 January 2010 (UTC)
Dragon Claw: The descriptions differ in a matter of adjectives. I should be able to check the exact wording later, but one of them differs by saying 'hooked' claws, I think. There may be a few others--at least, TMs-- that differentiate in description. Icicle Spear and Attract: Yes, formatting this complex is better left to you, Littlemiget123 (or Jioruji Derako, whoever deals with it first). I shall inform you if I find any others with incorrect or unusual templates. Steph 15:09, 11 January 2010 (UTC)
As for Dragon Claw, if you can dig up the exact wording, it's probably worth noting the difference in the trivia section.
And go for it, Littlmiget. I don't watch the anime myself, so I stick to working on the templates themselves. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 17:49, 11 January 2010 (UTC)
I have added the tidbit about Dragon Claw to its Trivia section, along with a few others. I have also been able to figure out the move templates, and have now progressed with updating them. Thank you for your help, Jioruji Derako. Steph 23:53, 12 January 2010 (UTC)
One note on the move description differences; make sure to note the generation/game the TM is from, as well, since move descriptions vary between generations normally. (Don't bother noting it if a move TM has differing descriptions between its R/S/E bag description and its D/P/Pt in-game description, but do note it if the descriptions are different within the same generation/games.)
And thanks for updating those templates; there's a few users who do work on adding info to those, but a small few who actually bother to keep them properly formatted. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 04:19, 13 January 2010 (UTC)


My signature that I want it to be is - This is abcboy, at, only goes to - This is abcb. Could you help? - This is abcb 16:57, 1 February 2010 (UTC)

There's a limit to how long your signature is. I believe you're limited to 80 characters only. ht14 16:59, 1 February 2010 (UTC)
80 rendered characters. "abcboy" would be what is rendered, so that's not the issue. The issue is that the code itself is about 373 characters, and I believe the signature coding box is limited at around 200 - 255 characters. Perhaps try: This is {{color2|FF1111|User:abcboy|a}}{{color2|1111FF|User talk:abcboy|b}}{{color2|11BB11|Special:Contributions/Abcboy|c}}{{color2|000000|User:abcboy/Comic|b}}{{color2|000000|User:Abcboy/sandbox|o}}{{color2|000000|Manaphy (Pokémon)|y}}, at,, but even that might break the limit, and might not work right with the templates... - Kogoro | Talk to me - 17:08, 1 February 2010 (UTC)
It's still too long, though according to my preferences, it says "Your signature is too long. It must not be more than 255 characters long.". However, Notepad says it is only 243 characters Abcboy 17:22, 1 February 2010 (UTC)
I think the only good way to get it working would be to drop a link or two. Your sandbox is a personal space to test code out and the like, so really, you're the only one who needs a link to it; I don't think you'd need it in your signature. You could do the same for Manaphy. Maybe make the entire "boy" link to your talk page or userpage (or whichever); the cut of two entire links should drop the coding by a good number of characters. Aside from that, I don't think you can get much shorter than Kogoro's suggestion. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 04:41, 2 February 2010 (UTC)

Manga moves

Hi. Last week, I asked TTEchidna if I could put down the attacks used in the Pokemon Adventures manga, and use the anime header. He said yes, but then last night, a user put up your chart, and I started editing. I did about 3, but then I thought something was wrong, and I stopped. However, another user went and did the rest, and got yelled at for it. I guess what I'm trying to say is, are we allowed to use your template, or no? Littlmiget123 20:06, 11 February 2010 (UTC)

Well, don't use the template from my userspace; that's just for testing purposes at the moment.
If you want to get started on the editing though, I can go ahead and move it to mainspace; I don't think there are any large changes we'll need to make, so it should be fine as-is. I'll let you know when it's up. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 22:39, 11 February 2010 (UTC)
Okay, I see how it goes. thanks, I'll fix the others if you want me to. Littlmiget123 22:59, 11 February 2010 (UTC)
I've just about got it, but thanks.
I assume this means you've seen the moved templates now, though. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 23:01, 11 February 2010 (UTC)
Yes, now I know what do use when adding Manga templates. Thanks very much for creating them, and I'm sorry that you have to fix them all. I would have done it, lol. Littlmiget123 23:10, 11 February 2010 (UTC)
I need to get mainspace contributions every so often myself. =D -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 23:12, 11 February 2010 (UTC)
Well, alright, I guess that makes me feel less bad, lol. Anyways, thanks for creating the template, and fixing them. I'll hit you up if I have any questions. Littlmiget123 23:14, 11 February 2010 (UTC)