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Random Paged? MAJOR BOSSAGE!

I'm Lookin forward to making a parody seires of pokemon called POKEMON TRAINERS most pokemon would be made by me (NOTE: I HAVE A GOOD IMAGINATION AND HAVE BEEN AN ARTIST FOR 12 YEARS SO I'M NOT GONNA MAKE ANY LAME CHAIRS -_-) gonna use some original characters and pokemon but again its a parody so Copyright thingies (happened once before, I got dis now) wont be a prob, any animaters? And I mean Flashies, I'll show you what they'll look like you animate cause lets face it mah animating sucks.

but if you want I can discribe a character I will most definately use, CLAIR!

So clairs gonna be a pervert sex addict that rapes pokemon EX: DRAGONAIR USE EXTREME SPEED! [insert orgasm sounds here] huff huff huff .... alright now garchomp use dragon punch! [clip end]

So yeah , any takers?

ChokoloTrainer (talk) 03:17, 13 December 2012 (UTC)