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For anyone interested, non-Pokémon info on me can be found here. (May not be completely updated.)

And... No, my name does not come from a member of Team Galactic.
My thoughts:



Welcome to Bulbapedia, $aturn¥oshi!

As a new user, you may wish to learn a few things that will be useful in your editing:

  • For a basic overview of wiki code, see this page.
  • The manual of style is very important. Make sure to read it. It outlines all official policies of Bulbapedia.
  • Keep an eye on the Messages from the Editor on the main page, to stay informed on current events on Bulbapedia.
  • The word Pokémon is spelled with a capital P and an accented é. The é can be accessed by holding Alt and typing either 130 or 0233 on a Windows computer, and by using Option + e, then e again on a Mac. Otherwise, you can easily click it in the character palette below the editbox.
  • The word Poké Ball is spelled as two words. The "Poké" part is identical to the four beginning letters in "Pokémon"; "Ball" is spelled with a capital B. The spelling "Pokéball" arises frequently, but is incorrect.
  • The word "you" and all forms of it should not be used on encyclopedic pages unless it is a quote from Pokémon or other media. Bulbapedia is an encyclopedia, not a walkthrough.
  • On talk pages, please sign your comments with four tildes (~~~~).
  • The use of link templates is official policy. For an explanation on their use, see the page on shortlinks.
  • If you happen to spot a vandal in the recent changes that has not been dealt with, please see this page for how to deal with it.
  • A list of pages that are linked to, but have not been created, can be found at this page. A list of short articles that may require more information can be found here, while a list of articles that need improvement can be found here.
  • For a future capture, release, trade, or evolution of a Pokémon belonging to a main character of the anime, please do not create or move the page to reflect your suspicions, even if they are shared by many others. Policy here is to wait until the episode in which the event happens takes place is aired, unless there is substantial evidence for the suspicion (such as Brock's Happiny being held in his arms).
  • Image uploading is done on Bulbagarden Archives, a separate wiki accessible through the toolbox in the sidebar. You will have to register separately for it, as well. This is done so that both Bulbapedia and Bulbanews have access to the images uploaded.
  • If you want to make a page about a character you made up, please create it at User:$aturn¥oshi/(name), not merely (name). Bulbapedia's main namespace is reserved for actual, official Pokémon, items, characters, and locations. Also, please try to make sure that subpages are not categorized by templates used within.
  • Having said this, please make sure that you do contribute adequately to the main namespace. Bulbapedia is not MySpace or Facebook.
  • A list of the admins that you can contact in case of a problem can be found here.

Thank you, and have a good time editing here! --CoolPikachu! 01:23, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

Thanks! ~$aturn¥oshi THE VOICES 01:31, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
No problemo and ok.♫CoolPikachu!♫


Your sig is cool. Where'd you learn wiki coding? --ニョロトノ666 01:36, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

Yeah your fast ♫CoolPikachu!♫
I used to edit frequently on Wikipedia, until the users became too elitist. ~$aturn¥oshi THE VOICES 01:42, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
Ohh I also came from there but was on it seldomly ♫CoolPikachu!♫


You're new here, too? (Oh, and I got Darkrai at Toys 'R' Us. He disliked me when I first got him! Thanks for responding back.) 385BlueJirachi 17:29, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

Apparently, it looks as though you leave something whenever I leave something on the Talk pages... A stalker Darkrai hiding in the shadows, following me? Just kidding, I actually appreciate it since I just started out today. ^.^ BlueJirachi 19:44, 4 June 2008 (UTC)


Are you willing to do more? I can't do them myself because my computer can't read Japanese, so I can't be sure with any characters I use. I want to know how you are doing it, are you just searching attacks that the Pokémon might have? because if you are, that won't work for very long. Many of the cards have weird attacks that aren't present in the games and I was just wondering if that was how you were doing it. If you don't want to do more...I understand. MoldyOrange 19:12, 11 July 2008 (UTC)

Well then, I have a long list so we might as well get started now. Oakley's Ariados. I think it would be better if I just link you the picture instead of posting the picture on your talk page: [1] MoldyOrange 19:34, 11 July 2008 (UTC)
I won't be able to do too much right now, but I will get cracking on this as soon as I have more time. ~$aturn¥oshi THE VOICES 19:37, 11 July 2008 (UTC)
That is perfectly fine. Just post the attacks on my page when you finish them! MoldyOrange 19:45, 11 July 2008 (UTC)
Okay, the following might be tough with the Poké-Body in it but: [2] I do not expect you to translate it for me right now, I am dealing with the mess known as "PCG-P" Promotional cards (which this card is actually in). MoldyOrange 03:24, 12 July 2008 (UTC)
A new Samiya's Chatot!! [3] MoldyOrange 15:53, 12 July 2008 (UTC)
I'm not sure about the Continuous Scratch because the damage is only 20, Continuous Scratch is an attack that would have 20× instead of just 20. MoldyOrange 16:04, 12 July 2008 (UTC)

Okay. I'll give it another go. It's amazing that you can get completely different results by being just one character off. ~$aturn¥oshi THE VOICES 16:31, 12 July 2008 (UTC)

If you can't get it, we can move on because I put the translation notice on the page. MoldyOrange 16:40, 12 July 2008 (UTC)

Can I ask you to do something different for me? MoldyOrange 15:29, 15 July 2008 (UTC)

Yeah, go ahead. ~$aturn¥oshi THE VOICES 15:54, 15 July 2008 (UTC)
I need the kanji from the name in the top left corner for each of the following:

Could you do that for me please? If you click on the image, it should be bigger on the Archives. (Sorry if it seems like a lot...) MoldyOrange 16:21, 15 July 2008 (UTC)

Well I was kinda right, something with translation~Pokemaniac102 16:22, 15 July 2008 (UTC)
YES!!! That is exactly what I need (as far as I can tell, remember, I can't read Japanese on my computer) If you can get them all, you just pulled me out the hole I was in!! MoldyOrange 16:36, 15 July 2008 (UTC)

Yay! Knocked out three. Only seven left. ~$aturn¥oshi THE VOICES 17:40, 15 July 2008 (UTC)

Aaron and Tory have their Jap. names already, but they have additions (like last names) added onto them. They are up there because I don't know what belongs and what doesn't. MoldyOrange 18:10, 15 July 2008 (UTC)