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{{User Diamond Code|00-16-56-3E-57-C8}}
{{User Diamond Code|00-16-56-3E-57-C8}}
{{User Starter|390|Chimchar}}
{{User Starter|390|Chimchar}}
{{User Favorite|308|Medicham}}
{{User Glitch}}
{{User Glitch}}
{{User Read Unown}}
{{User Read Unown}}

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Zephy Changes

Obviously that's a nom de plume. One I use so frequently it has become a nickname. I love politics. Alot. My favourite shows are The Daily Show, The Hour, Rick Mercer Report, Pushing Daisies and This Hour Has 22 Minutes. I am obsessed with music. I write it, play it and listen to it. All genres. I am 5'6 and have brown hair, big hazel eyes and am nearly always wearing a hat.

The Very Basics
031.png This user identifies as female.
385.png This user's birthday is February 28.
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The Less Important Basics (This One Is Long)
233.png This user spends too much time on the computer.

Template:User Pisces

Spr 4h 250.png This user is an advocate of gay rights.
UnownQU.png This user is agnostic.

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This user plays the guitar.
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♪ ×♪
This user can't sing.
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How I Contribute

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Spr 4d 483.png This user's DS friend code for Pokémon Diamond is 00-16-56-3E-57-C8.
390.png This user's starter Pokémon is Chimchar.
Missingno RB.png This user likes to mess with glitches in the Pokémon games.
201.png 201201201201   201201201201   201201201   201201201201   201201201201201   201201201201201201201201
EP038.png This user has watched Computer Soldier Porygon.