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Welcome to my page. I enjoy looking on bulbapedia for helpful tips when i am playing my Pokémon games or I want to look at some information on Pokémon. Many may wonder why I have Yoster10 and it is not that I am 10 it is because I have had it since I was 9 so it has been about 5 years since I created this nickname and I will always stick to it... hopefully.

Talk Page

This is a link to my talk page so if you want to ask me any questions just feel free to craete an new topic and I will try to answer it with my best information that I know or my own opinion, or even add to a topic that has already been made. If someone asks me a question do not answer for me because I presume they want my opinion and not yours, you may of heard my opinion before but my opinion can change.

About Me

I play Pokémon White and Black 2, which I have obtained every non-legendary Pokémon.

I am a Hoenn boy, my first Pokémon game was Sapphire I enjoyed it a lot but recently I sent most of my Pokémon to Pokémon white.

Pokemon I need.

I do realise that all of them are event legendaries but if you have spare or can get one I would appreciate it if you would trade for any non-legendary you want. My friend code is '3225 3465 1004' on Black 2. Just message me what you want and which one you can offer, I will not accept any fake ones though. I am looking to get all four forms of Deoxys, both forms of Shaymin, both forms of meloetta and all five forms of Genesect if possible. Please help me out me out I will greatly appreciate it I just need seven more Pokémon to complete my Pokédex and sixteen to see all forms of Pokémon, but I would be happy just to get one of each to complete my Pokédex.


My favourite Pokémon.

Maylene Lucario Aura Sphere.png
Maylene Lucario Force Palm.png