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|game=Black and White
|game=Black and White
|held=Sitrus Berry
|move2=Energy Ball|move2type=Grass|move2cat=Special
|move1=Dark Pulse|move1type=Dark|move1cat=Special
|move4=Shadow Ball|move4type=Ghost|move4cat=Special}}
|move3=Dragon Pulse|move3type=Dragon|move3cat=Special

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I think I'm going to have some pages, and I don't know how to do that navigation template thingy, but, whatever. I'll keep on updating this the more userpages I make.

☆Monotype Teams☆
☆Team Replacements☆

If you want to see usertags I made:

★Usertags I made★

Feel free to use them. Note me if you do on the talk page of that, not on my regular user talk page. I don't want to get spammed.










And I'm erasing yet more crap that I wrote before.

As you might have noticed, I haven't been clogging the Recent Changes like I have since December. But now expect to see my username more often in the Recent Changes. No, I won't be on as much as I used to go on, but I'll be here to contribute and make Bulbapedia a great source for Pokemon information.

Yes, I'm still doing my To-Do List.

Bulbapedia To-Do List

  • Complete Mystery Dungeon walkthrough (including Post Story)
    • Add all sections for all "nature questions"
  • Welcome new users (this will never be striked or replaced)
  • Add the stuff for Badge Check gates
  • Expand stubs (this will never be striked or replaced)
  • Add more information to the Pokémon Dash walkthrough
  • Create pages for the Pokémon Typing DS courses
  • Add line breaks for all Pokémon. ← Did that with the help of Truthseeker4449. Thanks again!
    • Add all external link sites for Pokémon that need them.
  • Add Double Project Tag template to Mystery Dungeon sky locations and PokéPark Wii locations.
  • Remove "introduced in Generation #" from Pokemon pages
  • Add line breaks for all region locations
  • Finish Pokemon Rumble Blast walkthrough
  • Add line breaks/|no to the Glitch templates
  • Modify Games template or add it