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Who are you?

Hi, I'm Werdnae. I'm the deputy Editor-in-Chief. I guess that means that you get to bug me about lots of stuff. Remember that other staff members can likely also answer your questions. Feel free to go bug them instead. You're welcome to ask me, but you don't have to bring everything to me.

I also enjoy fiddling with templates, and I'm one of the go-to guys for templates as a result.

Teach me how to code templates/my userpage!

I don't have the time to individually coach people to build a template. The best way to learn wikicode is to take an existing template, copy the code to your userspace or similar and preview changes to it. You can tell what the code does by what stops working when you remove it.

For your userpage, that's something I will not do. If a template you are using is broken, and you have checked the template's talk page to see how it works, I can advise you how to fix it. I will not turn diagrams or walls of text into code for you. Nor will most (if not all) other staff. You must learn the code by the above method and make it yourself. You may use the code on this page to do so, however if you base something on your page on the code here, you must credit me in the edit summary. Other users should be asked before you use their code.

You haven't replied to the message I left you an hour ago!

I have a life outside of Bulbapedia. Work and/or University take up much of my time. I also live in a different timezone to most of you, so I may also be asleep. Most days I will read your message within 24 hours. Usually, I will reply. If I do not, I have likely done something in response to it, but have not had the time to reply. If I haven't replied after a few days, you are allowed to remind me about it.

How do I become a staff member?

Work hard. Make good edits. Show us that you know the policies and styles of Bulbapedia by following them in your edits. Don't bug us about it. Seriously, getting asked "Can I be staff? Can I, can I, can I?" doesn't make us think "Wow, that person would make a good staff member". Nor does asking half a dozen staff members - it's just annoying.

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