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474.png This user is going through big changes in their life.

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My Twitter
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International Pokémon Gym League
仮想-Z Virtual-Z
Age 17
Gender Male
Hometown St. John's
Region 20px-Flag_of_Newfoundland_and_Labrador.svg.pngNewfoundland & Labrador, Canada Flag.pngCanada
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer, Gym Leader
Leader of Dracofang Gym
Badge Dracofang Badge

Pokémon History & Life

I'm a user who registered on Bulbapedia on Sunday, October 28, 2007. I live in St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. I'm founder and owner of the International Pokémon Gym League, or IPGL for short.

So, let's see. Me being a Pokémon fan when I was about 6 years old in grade one. As the Pokémon franchise was taking the world by storm, I of course had to get in on the action. So, I asked for and got my lime green Game Boy Colour and Pokémon Blue for Christmas that year. I immediately became hooked. I became such a huge fan of everything Pokémon. anime, games, and TCG. I played the hell out of that game. It would be all that me and my classmates would do during recess and lunch. Battling, trading, etc. As you can imagine, I asked for and got Pokémon Gold for Christmas of 2000. It was very exciting to have a game with a bunch of new Pokémon to catch. We played the Gen 2 games as much as we did Gen 1.

I think that around the year of 2001, my interest in the TCG and anime was gone. I guess I just stopped liking them gradually, and it seemed like alot of other people did, too. Me and everyone else played the games for a good while after, until around 2003. Until this year, we would all still be waiting for recess or lunch to come so we could whip out our GBCs.

As I said, starting in 2003, not many people liked Pokémon anymore. My guess would be because none of us wanted to get Game Boy Advances, therefore we were not able to play the new games. Anyway, at this point Pokémon was dead, and 0 people did anything related to Pokémon. It was also (and still is) considered uncool, after a couple of years of being the world's favourite thing. I will always cherish and remember those days of playing non-stop, and being friends with every fan I would meet.

My interest was partially renewed in Summer 2007 when my Nintendo-fanboy friend was telling me how he had recently bought a new Pokémon game, Pokémon Diamond. I was curious, and at this point I didn't even know Pokémon things were still being made (though, now I hate when people don't realize this). So, I asked him to come over and let me take a look. When he turned it on, I was pretty impressed. He was walking around on Route 217, and I thought it was cool how it was snowing. I also liked how everything looked kind of 3D. I just had to get a Nintendo DS and Pokémon Pearl for Christmas. Waiting for December 25th to come, I started playing my old Gold version again, trying to complete the Pokédex. I had gotten 217, but then the day came where I got my wished for stuff. It was very exciting.

After then, I have become a big Pokémon fan again. So big of a fan, that it resulted in opening a Wi-Fi gym league and becoming an admin on Bulbapedia along with Deth as voted by the fans on September 15, 2008. Hopefully I stay a fan for a looong time. Just as long as I don't die of old age.

Keeping my Pokémon love a secret from everyone else, outside of the Pokémon world I guess I'm kind of a normal person. I attend high school, hang out with my friends, go to work, all that stuff. I like cars/racing, anime, video games, TV, and sports such as soccer and hockey. I also played those 2 sports until 2008, when I decided that since I couldn't do anything with them (I was definitely good enough, just....shit), that I might as well stop playing and work. And that's it! I'm always glad to help, so don't be shy.

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