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The First Deck (Japanese: さいしょのデキ) is a Theme Deck from Pokémon Card GB 2 for the Game Boy Color. It is the deck the player starts with, and is given out in the beginning of the game by Dr. Mason. It predominantly focuses on Fire and Fighting type Pokémon.


Quantity Card Name Type Level Rarity
4x Charmander Fire 10 Common
3x Charmeleon Fire 32 Uncommon
2x Growlithe Fire 12 Uncommon
3x Ponyta Fire 10 Common
2x Diglett Fighting 8 Common
4x Machop Fighting 20 Common
3x Machoke Fighting 40 Uncommon
2x Rattata Colorless 9 Common
1x Raticate Colorless 41 Uncommon
2x Spearow Colorless 9 Common
1x Meowth Colorless 17 Common
1x Bill T - Common
1x Energy Retrieval T - Uncommon
1x Gust of Wind T - Common
2x Potion T - Common
2x Switch T - Common
14x Fire Energy E - -
12x Fighting Energy E - -