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Inactive for an unknown amount of time. Thus, no messages please, there are probably others online who can help you. TyraniThrone

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Hey all!

I'm TyraniThrone, but my real name is Erik. I'm a big fan of Pokémon, and I know quite a lot about it. A guy I met showed me Pokémon when I was 8 (still remember his Pokémon, a Lugia and a Walrein), and I was sold. LeafGreen was my first game. Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, White and multiple spin-offs followed.

My favorite Pokémon is Tyranitar, if you didn't know yet. It's cool, has a great and huge movepool, a great STAB combination and nice stats. My least favorite Pokémon is Pikachu. Its voice is annoying me, it's far too popular, and it's frikking weak! (Please don't yell at me for hating Pikachu.) My favorite move is by far Earthquake. I mean: 100 power, 100% accuracy? That rocks!

Bulbapedia history... I found this site while looking for information on my newly bought Emerald Version (guess you can imagine how long that's ago.) I saw how incredibly nifty this site was (and still is), and I kept checking it more and more often. Then, on January 17th 2011, I decided to join this site. Now I'm here for more than a year, I'm feeling quite comfortable here, knowing the rules and what to do, and seeing that the people here are nice enough to stop by my talk page and wish me a happy birthday.

My main edits here are fixing small grammatical and/or spelling errors, fixing redlinks and adding shortlinks. The first thing what I do when I log in is checking this, especially the Broken Redirects, Double Redirects, Uncategorized Pages, Uncategorized Categories (even though that one seems to be broken) and the Wanted Pages. Once all that is done, I look around the 'Pedia, absorbing new, useless Pokémon facts and fixing errors. And stalking the Recent Changes. I do that till I get tired and log out. That's my 'Pedia-day.

I am hugely disappointed of Nintendo. I mean, Black 2 and White 2!? Even Gray would be more original! Add up the fact that I've been playing Pokémon for a long time and am starting to get kinda sick of it. Plus, I've found something new which I'm completely addicted to. This all gives this outcome: I'm inactive, and will probably not be back anytime soon. Goodbye Bulbapedia, you always have been awesome.

Enjoy the other stuff of my page. Or don't. Your choice.



My storyline parties always have a pattern to follow which consists of 6 types. They must be in every team. This started in Platinum. This pattern is as follows:

- Water

- Fire

- Grass

- Electric

- Flying

- Ground

They've got great coverage with eachother, and Ground's there because of Earthquake. By far my favorite move.

Sometimes a Pokémon has two 'jobs'. For example, my second HG team. Flygon's there to fill in as both Flyer and Quaker. Or Platinum: Torterra is both Grass and Ground. If that's the case, then I have room for another Pokémon I've been meaning to use.

Also, ignore this for most of the second parties. They are either created out of boredom, or they are my EV-trained Pokeys who can and will be switched between parties when battling, or they are just type-specialist-thingies which were made because I felt like it.

Well, here are the parties.


The only team I created before even buying the game.

Have you noticed that every single type has a move in this team? All 17 of them!

Old Rott: There's a Dutch term, 'ouwe rot', which means being very skilled at something. I just translated 'ouwe' and kept 'rot', just with an extra t, to create a Samurott reference.

Ferrina: Uhh.. Female Ferrothorn. No deep meaning or anything.

Willow: Will-O-Wispy. Too bad I had to delete that move.

Qwerty: Nothing more to say than uiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm!

Krocker: Rockin' croc. It often enters the musical with its Electric Guitar.

Emerald: Archeops = cheops = chaos = Chaos Emerald! No more than that.

For my other Pokémon I trained on White, see User:TyraniThrone/EV Pokeys.


Dragonite: A friend caught it for me, so I can't nickname it.

Freter: Just an abbrevation of Feraligatr that my friend and I use.

Bellington: That's Sir Bellington to you! :P I thought of this, and directly used it. Pure originality. (I think)

Rollin': Well, duh... A rolling stone! But, he has a problem. He can't get no satisfaction. :-D

Hellgar: Um... Yeah. Pretty unoriginal, right? But it's still an awesome Houndoom name. A female one would be called Helga.

Shoarman: Again, um... Yeah. It used to be made of sheep, right? And it's male, so... Shoarman fit in, I thought.

My second team. Not so strong. It was just a way to kill time till White's release.

Palmer: THE ideal name for the magical palm tree. Little fact: I have a friend (he's a bit younger) that watches me play HG. And each and every time Palmer uses Psychic, he says: 'Oh! The magical palm tree trick! Yay!'

Infernape: Couldn't really think of a nickname. Don't suggest me on anything, I want it to be original this time.

Ampere: Volty has already been used and Watty is a bit witty, so I picked Ampere. Works out fine, actually.

Rocketeer: Well, the group's called FAR EAST Movement, and Pokémon is Japanese, plus Flygon's known as fast. Far East Movement + Japan + Fast = Rocketeer! (this Pokémon is not, I repeat NOT affiliated with Team Rocket IN ANY MEANS.)

Mylow: Doesn't look so great, but I thought that it'll work.

Tyro: Every TTar of mine is called Tyro or Tyra, depending on gender. It's a tradition which hailed from the Seviis.


Ol'Treetle: Old tree turtle. Kinda figures.

Diddy Kong: Kongin' around. Again, not so original. Found this one on YouTube. Sounds right.

Raylec: Again, figures. Luxray plus electric.

Salavaur: I'm sure some of you'll recognize this from populair YouTube series. Yeah, that guy. He was evil, too...

Quizzel: All right. Figures. Quick Floatzel. Duh!

Metagross: GTS alert. Japanese Metang this time. I'm glad his name changed when he evolved.

Next up, Dark specialist, without nicknames. Except Tyro, of course.


Pearl didn't have a specific party. Instead, I rotated a few Pokémon between party and box. They were:

- Dusknoir

- Drifblim

- Magnezone

- Camerupt

- Giratina

- Heatran

- Bellossom

- Poliwrath

- Empoleon (before I traded it for a Shaymin)

- Shaymin (after I traded my Empoleon away)


This party has some cheated moves in it. Also, it's nicknameless again, except for, again, Tyra.

Extreme trade luck

Welcome to my extreme trade luck section. Here, I show all the amazing trades I've done in real life, on the GTS and at the GTS Negotiations. Only those from White, 'cuz I can't remember those from older games. On the left is the Pokémon I sent and on the right is the Pokémon I've got.

Real life

Zorua <---> Shiny Heatran

From some crazy kid who wanted a Zorua really bad.

(Cross-gen, so I didn't send anything) <-- Mesprit, Cresselia, Lugia and Ho-Oh

From a pal of mine who didn't play his SoulSilver anymore and wanted to give some of his rares to me.

(Cross-gen yadda yadda) <-- Shaymin

From the same crazy kid who gave me the Heatran. He's really... n00b.

An Egg (containing a Torchic) <---> Shiny Drifblim

From my best friend, as a 'summer gift'. He didn't like it, anyway.


Machoke <---> Shiny Tornadus

I was just like: 'Oh, I'll put this Machoke on in trade for a Tornadus, trade something, and get it back to evolve it.' So I traded something useless and clicked 'Summary'. It was loading really long, and after a while, a Shiny Tornadus came flying down. :0 (It's only now that I realize that the makers removed that nice glitch. A shame.)

Lucario <---> Reshiram

I wanted a Reshiram for a long time, because it was the only Unova Pokémon that I didn't have yet. So, during my daily check of the Reshiram on the GTS, I found this offer. Immediately traded my Lucario for it. I actually wanted to train the guy, 'cuz he was Modest, but oh well. It had a stupid nickname anyway. And now I have a Living Unova Pokédex! Yeehaw!

GTS Negotiations

Slakoth, Ralts, Trapinch and Happiny <---> Aggron, Crawdaunt, Milotic and Golem

This guy wanted White Forest Pokémon for some reason. And he gave me this awesome Pokeys. And only because they've got bad natures! (f.l.t.r. Modest, Modest, Gentle, Modest)

Nidoran♂ <---> Shiny Mewtwo

I was just like OMG. Some weird Japanese guy showed me a LEGIT Shiny Mewtwo, and I was just like OMG. I MUST HAVE THAT! So I showed Aggron, Slaking, Gardevoir, Wailord, Honchkrow, Tyranitar... He kept on with his :( Then, I was starting to get desperate and showed nubby Pokeys, like Raticate and Butterfree. :( :( Then I showed my Dream World Nidoran♂ and he accepted. Yeehaw!

Two Eggs (containing Gastly) <---> lv. 100 Aipom and lv. 100 Phione

Although they're cheated, I'm really happy with 'em. Aipom gives me awesome stuff and has 'made' my Ambipom. Phione resides in the Day Care and makes new Phione, which I'll dump on the GTS. I'm on a roll.

An Egg (probably containing a Tepig) <---> Shiny Rayquaza

Again, a Japanese guy offered a LEGIT Shiny legend, this time, it's a Rayquaza. The first thing I offered was a Pokérus infected egg, which containes a Tepig, at least as far as I can recall. He accepted. So, I've had my little yeehaw again.

Well, that concludes my userpage. Now, click here for randomness or here for awesomeness. Or here for stubbiness.