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This is a breif view of my history of playing Pokémon. My memory is a bit fuzzy so I might be wrong on some of the dates.

When I was very young, I thought Pokémon was dumb and stupid, despite what my parents said.. But in 1st grade, I picked up a book in my class- Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon. I couldn't stop reading it, and I thought, "This might be worth a chance." But by then my parents were like 95% of all other parents. They too thought Pokémon was stupid. By second grade I was sneaking onto Bulbapedia when my parents weren't nearby. But, during my 2nd grade summer vacation, my life changed forever. One of my dad's co-workers said that his son played Pokémon and loves it. My parents' stance on Pokémon changed. It took until 3rd grade, when one of my friends got me into the games. I purchased LeafGreen Version and rented a DVD of the anime. At that moment, my Pokémon career took off. I purchased Diamond a few months later and got scammed out of Pokémon by my "friend" (I was too stupid to notice at the time). I got Emerald a few months after that. A few months later I figured out my friend's scams and broke up with him. I have never recovered those Pokémon (R.I.P Blissey and Heatran). I awaited Platinum eagerly and got it two months after release. My friend was the reason I got Platinum- to recover the Pokémon I lost to him (I was pissed to find out Happiny was replaced by Togepi). Platinum "failed" in acheving its goals in a sense, since to this day, I am missing several Pokémon in my Sinnoh Dex (that means no Ndex and that means no Heatran) and I had already moved on to SoulSilver. I didn't get any games in two years after that. I lost intrest in the anime a few months ago. Then, HGSS was announced. I was ecstatic. I had an old secondhand Silver Version, but I feared the battery running dry. I got SS (I regretted this a bit, since I realized I liked Ho-oh more than Lugia) and kicked ass (I finished Johto in 10 days). Red was a pain in the ass but I conquered him eventually. Today, I have over 250 Pokémon species owned and over 400 seen. I await White version and the 3DS right now...