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To people asking me about where did the usertags go, I removed them until I figure out how to put them inside a collapsed box.

About me

Well, Turtwig Lover's my name on Bulbagarden and I'm here to stay, perhaps for a long time. You might also know me as Turt-turt-turtwig! (Yes, with the exclamation mark.) I come from Malaysia. Well, there's not much to say, eh?

Actually, no. I do have something to say. I have been here for some time - about half a year, I think. I joined Bulbagarden, my first Pokémon fansite that I joined, back when it's all about Black and White info. However, before I joined Bulbagarden, I lurked around the forums, being around when something of particular interest happens - for example, back when Pokémon Platinum and HGSS info are coming out.

I started playing Pokémon games since the days of Red and Blue. These days, Pokémon games eat up a lot of my time! Maybe I am just THAT obessed on Pokémon games, huh? I even managed to finish my whole Pokédex in HeartGold. Apparently, half a year is enough for everything in there! Now to completely finish the game, for once, and for all!

I prefer trading to battling. In Bulbagarden Forums, I trade a lot. I had run two trade shops, for extensive trading, before they were closed.

(Oh, and I think I'm spending too much time on GPX+ and things like that!)

What I do around here (i.e. Bulbapedia and Bulbagarden Archives)

I usually try to fix move images which are either outdated or is of subpar quality. Besides that, I also do some minor edits to the pages of Bulbapedia. I do also sometimes, well... tinker with stuff here and there.

And what about non-Pokémon stuff?

I somehow find myself liking Tales of Phantasia a lot these days. I do fall asleep sometimes. Yes, I do put in pointless things here. After all, it's an introduction, right?


If you are going to discuss something related with me and my actions on Bulbapedia, go to my talk page.

If not, and you just want to have a nice chat, then... try to VM me in Bulbagarden Forums. BMGf: Profile page; I can change my username anytime.

Feel free to use my email addresses, too!

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected] (In case you were wondering, I was Resiram Turtwi for a week in Bulbagarden Forums.)