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HMs and TMs

HM or TM Location Floor
HM Cut Buried Relic 80F
HM Dive Solar Cave 10F
HM Flash Buried Relic 70F
HM Fly Wyvern Hill 30F
HM Rock Smash Buried Relic 45F
HM Waterfall Solar Cave 15F
TM Vacuum-Cut Far-off Sea 50F
TM Wide Slash Far-off Sea 72F


Item Location Floor
Beauty Scarf Western Cave 59F
Friend Bow Mt. Faraway 30F
Wish Stone Wish Cave 40F
Lunar Ribbon Northwind Field 20F
Sun Ribbon Wyvern Hill 20F


Route 19: Potion Wild Patrat Wild Purrloin

Route 20: Parlyz Heal Youngster, pays 64 for winning, uses a level 4 Patrat

Wild Sewaddle Lass, pays 64 for winning, uses a level 4 Purrloin