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Welcome to my User Page!

I have been a Pokémon fan for a long time and have over 3,000 hours of gameplay experience. I was introduced to Bulbapedia by a friend and after some stalking, I joined on June 5, 2011 to fix a spelling error on Ash's Glalie. My user name comes from the fact I seek the truth and my favorite steam locomotive, Southern Pacific Daylight #4449. I have made on to the top contributors of the month list twice, 9th with 528 edits in October 2011 and 17th with 254 edits the following month.

I'm also really active on the forums. Although I've slacked off with the editing on Bulbapedia, I still check my watchlist and talk page nearly every day.


I am a very heavy manga reader and I keep a regularly updated list. I also have an anime list. I'm also a Vocaloid fan with my favorite Vocaloids being Hatsune Miku and Aoki Lapis. I mainly use my YouTube account for watching music videos. I'm also a School Bus enthusiast and a fan of Nightcore.

Random Facts

Although my gender is often listed as female, I'm actually male. The gender I go with depends on on the sprite. In most games I select the female option. I also did the same for the forums by selecting Latias since I like it better than Latios.

I have Autism.

I perfer to be left alone and live in peace and quiet, with only my music for company.

My entire Vocaloid collection is over 9 hours in length. I got all of it for free.

Even though nearly all of my music collection is in Japanese, I'm never bothered by the fact I don't understand 99.99% of the lyrics.

Even though I love flying in a flight simulator, I'm terrified of actually flying.

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