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I mainly created this page so that people could help me with building a very good deck for the TCG. I will sometime upload my card list, and then you people can tell me about the current deck status on the talk page. Who knows, we may make a new archetype! We should also build a deck rating system.

First, I have to database the 120+ cards I own. After I do that, I will update this page. Hopefully, I'll be done before HGSS are released...

Okay, I lied... Well, now, I own WAY more cards, not yet databased... Right now, I'm doing mass computation on the Experience vs. Level formulas...

Well, anyway, right now, I'm making contributions to Bulbapedia, notably to Generation V right now. If I seem to be wrong in any edit, please just notify me on my talk page. Nobody is perfect. And if I seem to be in the wrong, just tell me and I'll explain myself.

I am working on researching how Pokémon are generated in Generation V: User:TruePikachu/Pokémon_Generation. Please comment on it's Talk Page if you would like to help.