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Hello, this is user TotallyTob here, and I love Pokémon!


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255.png This user's favorite Hoenn starter is Torchic.
197.png This user's favorite Orre starter is Umbreon.
390.png This user's favorite Sinnoh starter is Chimchar.
498.png This user's favorite Unova starter is Tepig.
656Froakie.png This user's favorite Kalos starter is Froakie.
725Litten.png This user's favorite Alola starter is Litten.
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I was first introduced to Pokémon when I saw my friends playing with Pokémon cards. My friend gave me some of his cards, and I still have the first one he gave me. It was a Base Set 2 Rhydon.

After I started to collect cards, I started to watch the anime. Then, I got my first Nintendo 2DS and started playing Pokémon Ultra Sun.

I have a total of about 454 Pokémon cards, 105 Trainer cards, and 121 Energy cards, with a total of about 680 Pokémon TCG cards.

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