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(Generation V)
(Pokémon Y)
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===[[Pokémon X and Y Versions|Pokémon Y]]===
===[[Pokémon X and Y Versions|Pokémon Y]]===
|color={{blue color}}
|color={{Y color}}
|headcolor={{blue color light}}
|headcolor={{Y color light}}
|bordercolor={{blue color dark}}
|bordercolor={{Y color dark}}
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<!--===Pokémon Ruby Remake (Planned)===
|color={{ruby color}}
|headcolor={{ruby color light}}
|bordercolor={{ruby color dark}}
|sprite=Spr RS Brendan.png
|location=Littleroot Town
|game=White 2
|held=Muscle Band
|move2=Ice Punch|move2type=Ice|move2cat=Physical
|game=White 2
|ndex=275 m
|nickname=Dark Nut
|held=Muscle Band
|move1=Seed Bomb|move1type=Grass|move1cat=Physical
|move2=Aerial Ace|move2type=Flying|move2cat=Physical
|move3=Rock Slide|move3type=Rock|move3cat=Physical
|move4=Brick Break|move4type=Fighting|move4cat=Physical}}
|game=White 2
|held=Muscle Band
|move1=Brick Break|move1type=Fighting|move1cat=Physical
|move2=Dragon Claw|move2type=Dragon|move2cat=Physical
|move4=Rock Slide|move4type=Rock|move4cat=Physical}}
|game=White 2
|held=Muscle Band
|move1=Fire Blast|move1type=Fire|move1cat=Special
|move3=Dragon Claw|move3type=Dragon|move3cat=Physical
|game=White 2
|held=Wise Glasses
|ability=Flame Body
|move2=Giga Drain|move2type=Grass|move2cat=Special
|move3=Bug Buzz|move3type=Bug|move3cat=Special
=Side Series=
=Side Series=

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Below are a list of my Pokémon teams from all the main series games I own (and plan to own). Might add in others like XD in the near future. Still need to fill in all the details.

Main Series

Generation I

Pokémon Blue Version

Generation II

Pokémon Silver Version

Generation III

Pokémon Ruby Version

Pokémon LeafGreen Version

Pokémon Emerald Version

Generation IV

Pokémon Diamond Version

Pokémon Pearl Version

Pokémon Platinum Version

Pokémon SoulSilver Version

Generation V

Pokémon White Version

Pokémon White Version 2

Generation VI

Pokémon Y

Side Series

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Series

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky