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"I am the True Pokémon Champion!"
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Pokémon Champion Zach!
Age 15
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Aspertia City
Region Unova
Trainer class Champion

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About Me

Xbox Gamertag: WaTeRChAmP97

Wii Friend Code: 8945-6722-1722-6586

3DS Friend Code: 1289-8257-7574

Wii U Nintendo Network ID: Master_Zach

Send me a friend request on any of those!

I am a 15 year old boy born in New York. My name is Zach. I'm in 10th grade. I started playing Pokémon since around 2004. My first Pokémon game was Pokémon LeafGreen Version (which I foolishly almost sold back to GameStop!). I got several Pokémon games in 2005, such as Emerald, XD (I even have the XD decals you get for preordering the game) and probably others such, as Colosseum & Channel. My first video game system was either a GameCube or a GBA. Eventually, I would get a red GBA SP, which becomes my handheld of choice until I get a DS. I used to have a lot of GBA & GameCube games, but sold back a handful of them (not the Pokémon, Mario & Zelda ones, as those are my 3 favorite video game franchises.

Now we move into the DS & Wii era. I got ton of Pokémon games for the DS and just shows how Pokémon is my favorite handheld series. I have Diamond (received from a friend back in 2011), Pearl (2007), Platinum (2009), SoulSilver (2010), White (2011), White 2 (2012), Blue Rescue Team (2006), Explorers of Time (2008), Explorers of Sky (2009), Ranger (2006), Shadows of Almia (2009) & Guardian Signs (2010). I'm a very big main series, PMD & Ranger fan. The Wii didn't have the greatest Pokémon games, unlike the Gamecube, but I still have a few Pokémon Wii games (along with one Pokémon Wii VC & WiiWare game). I have Pokémon Battle Revolution (2008), Brawl (2008), My Pokémon Ranch (2008) Pokémon Snap (not sure, will say later) & PokéPark 2 (2012).

Now the most recent era, the 3DS & Wii U! I sold back my DS Lite (which I got in 2007 and I also used to have an original DS, which I got for my birthday in 2005), so I could get an Aqua Blue 3DS for my birthday in 2011. I don't have any retail Pokémon games for the 3DS.. For 3DS eshop Pokémon games, I have Pokédex 3D (2011), Pokémon Dream Radar (2012) & Pokédex 3D Pro (2012). The Wii U doesn't have any Pokémon games that interest me yet, but hopefully the VC will get Gamecube games and could have games like Colosseum & Channel because I can't find Colosseum (either I lost it or sold it back) and my Channel disc doesn't work anymore.

I also own a few non-Nintendo consoles. I have a PS1 (not sure when I got it), PS2 (2007) & Xbox 360 (2010). Of the three, I only really play the 360, which is mainly for DBZ, Naruto and whatever else might interest me.

At the end of the day, I'm mainly a Nintendo fan.

I'm not sure when exactly I first heard about Bulbapedia (maybe in 2008 or something) and have been going on the site for a long time. I constantly check Bulbanews and just look at a lot of Bulbapedia's pages. On February 12, 2011 (the same day BW001 & BW002 aired in the US), I decided to make my own account. I chose the username Torpoleon because I had used it a lot after someone made a fusion of 2 of my favorite fully evolved Starter Pokémon, Torterra & Empoleon.

I've made tons of edits to Bulbapedia, especially when editing was unlocked after B2W2's release. That was really the first time I felt like I was doing a lot (because I was) and it was all pretty fun. The road has been pretty shaky so far, but still an amazing one. I look forward to making more edits to Bulbapedia and hopefully one day, it can be complete!

If you'd like to see an incomplete (will finish one day) list of my Pokémon Teams, click here