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Project Walkthroughs logo.png This user is a member of Project Walkthroughs.


Spr 4d 483.png This user is a player of Pokémon Diamond Version.
390.png This user's starter Pokémon is Chimchar.
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351.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Castform.
351.png This user's favorite Normal-type Pokémon is Castform.
474.png This user's favorite Normal-type Pokémon is Porygon-Z.
555.png This user's favorite Fire-type Pokémon is Darmanitan.
392.png This user's favorite Fire-type Pokémon is Infernape.
392.png This user's favorite Fighting-type Pokémon is Infernape.
171.png This user's favorite Water-type Pokémon is Lanturn.
171.png This user's favorite Electric-type Pokémon is Lanturn.
460.png This user's favorite Ice-type Pokémon is Abomasnow.
460.png This user's favorite Grass-type Pokémon is Abomasnow.
357.png This user's favorite Grass-type Pokémon is Tropius.
357.png This user's favorite Flying-type Pokémon is Tropius.
398.png This user's favorite Flying-type Pokémon is Staraptor.
476.png This user's favorite Rock-type Pokémon is Probopass.
476.png This user's favorite Steel-type Pokémon is Probopass.

About Myself

I am a student that like playing Pokemon games and watching Pokemon anime. Well, I have a main goal in my life, which is unrelated to Pokemon. However, I still love Pokemon very much.


I have Pokemon Diamond Version and HeartGold Version. I had both Pokemon FireRed Version and LeafGreen Version, as well as Pokemon Emerald version in a few years ago, but the cards are broken and I can no longer play those 3 games.

I choose Fire-type starters because Fire-type Pokemon are quite rare to find in the wild. I can also learn how to control a great power when using Fire-types because when fire is under control, it can be very useful, but when fire goes out of control, it will be destructive.

I also train Pokemon of a variety of types because all types have their advantages and disadvantages, in other words, strength and weaknesses. All of my teams have Pokemon of all 4 main types (Fire, Water, Electric and Grass), Flying-type, Fighting-type and Rock-type. My teams also have Dark-type and Ground-type Pokemon, or at least have Pokemon that can learn those types of moves. The types I chose can cover almost all types when attacking, and Fire, Fighting and Ground are 3 of the most powerful types, making my team powerful.

When battling, I usually go offense and I will use the type-advantage to attack. I'm not a strategy user. I will recover my Pokemon when they get weak and switch them out when my Pokemon are at a disadvantage. I also let my Pokemon learn some strong offensive moves, but I will only use them when my team are in a really bad situation, such as much weaker than opponents in terms of levels. I don't use legendary Pokemon because their power are overwhelmingly strong that I'm unable to control.

Treating Pokemon

I treat my Pokemon with love and trust, just like Ash Ketchum in the anime. I care about my Pokemon a lot and I'm neither strict nor harsh towards my Pokemon. My Pokemon are my friends, no matter what happens.

Joined Projects

  • Project Walkthroughs
    • Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Walkthrough
    • Pokemon HeartGold And SoulSilver Walkthrough