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What's up? I'm Tommy-SAN! I'm here because I love Pokémon, and I've loved it since I was four! My favorite Pokémon is Chimchar, he's so cool. I love fire Pokémon. As you can tell by my constant talking, I'm a PokéFanatic!!! Though I've only been on Bulbapedia for a short while, I love it! I always go on and use the HeartGold and SoulSilver information. File:Cover 01.jpg


Yes, I'm an American kid, but I ♥ Japanese culture. "SAN" is a respectable word in the Japanese language, like your saying "Mama-San" or Satoshi-San. * --T☆MMYSAN! 5:33 29 August 2009 (UTC)

My favorite Pokémon manga!☆

I LOVE MANGA!!! Manga is a form of Japanese graphic novels, or comics if you will. I have several favorite Pokemon mangas that I can't get my hands off! I'm currently trying to write one on Pokémon. It is a gag manga.

Pocket Monsters by Kousaku Anakubo

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! by Shigekatsu Ihara

Pokemon Special by Hidenori Kusaka, art by Mato - Satoshi Yamamoto

Other places to find me!

Go on the WIKIA websites. I'm PacBoyCraZ. There's links to my other pages. I'm also working on my own website that gives hints and cheats on games. :D

As of September 14, 2009 i joined the Japanese Pokémon Wiki.


Bulbapedia:Project Manga (as of August 20)

Bulbapedia:Project Shipping (as of August 20)

About me

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