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{| style="display: inline-table"
{| id="{{{1|Catching Pocket}}}" style="display: inline-table"
! [[File:{{{sprite|Bag {{{1|Catching Pocket}}} Sprite}}}.png]]
! [[File:{{{sprite|Bag {{{1|Catching Pocket}}} Sprite}}}.png]]

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Bag Catching Pocket Sprite.png
Catching Pocket
By type Bag By name

Always close this table with two lines of |} and {{-}} (the latter so that the following content aligns under the table rather than next to it, since the table has "float:left").

  • Unnamed
    • 1: the pocket this table represents (sets the image (assuming "Bag [name] Sprite.png") and its caption)
    • 2: the color scheme for the table
  • Named
    • sprite: an override for what sprite to display for the pocket; no extension, the text here is completed with ".png"