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==About Me==
{{User Christian|493}}
{{User Windows|7}}
{{User Firefox}}
{{User Safari}}
{{User Wi-Fi}}
{{User Male}}
{{User Glasses}}
{{User Birthday|March 15|395}}
{{User Shiny|524|Roggenrola|Rock}}
{{User Favorite|003|Venusaur}}
{{User Favorite|497|Serperior}}
{{User 2nd Favorite|254|Sceptile}}
Hmm...I wonder what my favorite {{type|Grass}} and {{type|Poison}} [[Pokémon (species)|Pokémon]] are!
{{User Favorite Legendary|150|Mewtwo}}
{{User Favorite Type|154|Grass}}
{{User Favorite Type Pokémon|Psychic|065|Alakazam}}
{{User Favorite Type Pokémon|Psychic|579|Reuniclus}}
{{User Favorite Type Pokémon|Fighting|068|Machamp}}
{{User Favorite Type Pokémon|Steel|208|Steelix}}
{{User Favorite Type Pokémon|Ground|051|Dugtrio}}
{{User Favorite Type Pokémon|Dragon|635|Hydreigon}}
{{User Favorite Type Pokémon|Dragon|487|Giratina}}
{{User Favorite Type Pokémon|Dark|625|Bisharp}}
{{User Favorite Type Pokémon|Bug|127|Pinsir}}
{{User Episode|EP269.png|EP269|The Ties That Bind}}
==Games I Own==
{{User Crystal}}
{{User Pokémon Puzzle Challenge}}
{{User Pokémon Puzzle League}}
{{User Snap}}
{{User Super Smash Bros. Series}}
I own all three.
{{User Emerald}}
{{User FireRed}}
{{User Champion|FR}}
{{User Pinball: RS}}
{{User Trozei!}}
{{User Mystery Dungeon Blue}}
{{User Pearl}}
{{User Platinum}}
{{User My Pokémon Ranch}}
{{User Ranger 2}}
{{User Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness}}
{{User Rumble}}
{{User White}}
{{User Black 2}}
{{User Dream Radar}}
{{User Conquest}}
{{User Rumble Blast}}

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