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Usertags I made (use them if you want)

New usertags

Usertags for the ones who support the remakes of FireRed and LeafGreen, or "re-remakes" of Red and Green (there are already such usertags for Ruby and Shapphire, which were not made by me)

006.png This user supports remakes of Pokémon Firered and Leafgreen. 003.png

{{User:TheOriginalOne/User FRLG|FR}}

003.png This user supports remakes of Pokémon Firered and Leafgreen. 006.png

{{User:TheOriginalOne/User FRLG|LG}}

A usertag for the ROM hackers (the ones who make their own pokémon games)

Pokemon Brown.png This user is a ROM hacker.

{{User:TheOriginalOne/User hacker}}

Note: The picture can be changed.

Pokémon never ends, right? So, let's see the opposite of {{User Pedia}}...

Bulbapedia logo.png This user doesn't dream of Bulbapedia being complete someday, because that would mean the end of Pokémon.

{{User:TheOriginalOne/User non Pedia}}

How many movies have you done on the Pokéstar Studios?

Brycen-Man Series.png This user has made 0 of the movies from the Pokéstar Studios.

{{User:TheOriginalOne/User Pokéstar}}

Full Metal Cop Series.png This user has made 2 of the movies from the Pokéstar Studios.

{{User:TheOriginalOne/User Pokéstar|2|Full Metal Cop Series}}

Speaking about that...

Brycen-Man Series.png This user's favourite movie is Brycen-Man .

{{User:TheOriginalOne/User Favorite Movie}}

Invaders Series.png This user's favourite movie is Invaders 4.

{{User:TheOriginalOne/User Favorite Movie|Invaders|4}}

For people who are frustrated because they can't have certain edit milestone tags

0 This user's record of edits in a day is 0.

{{User:TheOriginalOne/Edits max}}

200 This user's record of edits in a month is 200.

{{User:TheOriginalOne/Edits max|200|month}}

I used to say this. Just keeping it here.

700Sylveon.png This user does not like the Fairy type.

{{User:TheOriginalOne/User No Fairy}}

684Swirlix.png This user does not like the Fairy type.

{{User:TheOriginalOne/User No Fairy|684Swirlix|40}}

Remakes of old usertags (Usertags that express exactly the same thing as another ones that are already part of the template namespace, but that I use instead of them because I say they're cooler)

A usertag for the ones who have got really plenty of them to paste at the beggining of their usertag list, advising that the user has got too many usertags (the same as {{User Usertags}}, but with the format of a warning sign)

C0Nzn.png WARNING: This user has got too many usertags!

{{User:TheOriginalOne/User Too Many Usertags}}

A usertag for the ones who understand the english Unown litograph (the same as {{User Read Unown}}, but as a babel tag, meaning it has got levels and categories!)

un UnownT.pngUnownH.pngUnownI.pngUnownS.png__UnownU.pngUnownS.pngUnownE.pngUnownR.png__UnownI.pngUnownS.png__UnownA.png__UnownN.pngUnownA.pngUnownT.pngUnownI.pngUnownV.pngUnownE.png__UnownS.pngUnownP.pngUnownE.pngUnownA.pngUnownK.pngUnownE.pngUnownR.png__UnownO.pngUnownF.png__UnownU.pngUnownN.pngUnownO.pngUnownW.pngUnownN.png.

{{User:TheOriginalOne/User un|N}}, or just {{User:TheOriginalOne/User un}}

NOTE: There's no way you can use this level, because no one is a native writer of Unown. So, why am I adding unnecessary code to the usertag? Well... I'm hopeful that one day such a person will appear!

un-4 UnownT.pngUnownH.pngUnownI.pngUnownS.png__UnownU.pngUnownS.pngUnownE.pngUnownR.png__UnownS.pngUnownP.pngUnownE.pngUnownA.pngUnownK.pngUnownS.png__UnownU.pngUnownN.pngUnownO.pngUnownW.pngUnownN.png__UnownA.pngUnownT.png__UnownA.png__UnownN.pngUnownA.pngUnownT.pngUnownI.pngUnownV.pngUnownE.png__UnownL.pngUnownE.pngUnownV.pngUnownE.pngUnownL.png.

{{User:TheOriginalOne/User un|4}}

Now, this is the level that we pros can use!

un-3 UnownT.pngUnownH.pngUnownI.pngUnownS.png__UnownU.pngUnownS.pngUnownE.pngUnownR.png__UnownI.pngUnownS.png__UnownA.pngUnownB.pngUnownL.pngUnownE.png__UnownT.pngUnownO.png__UnownC.pngUnownO.pngUnownN.pngUnownT.pngUnownR.pngUnownI.pngUnownB.pngUnownU.pngUnownT.pngUnownE.png__UnownW.pngUnownI.pngUnownT.pngUnownH.png__UnownA.pngUnownN.png__UnownA.pngUnownD.pngUnownV.pngUnownA.pngUnownN.pngUnownC.pngUnownE.pngUnownD.png__UnownL.pngUnownE.pngUnownV.pngUnownE.pngUnownL.png__UnownO.pngUnownF.png__UnownU.pngUnownN.pngUnownO.pngUnownW.pngUnownN.png.

{{User:TheOriginalOne/User un|3}}

un-2 UnownT.pngUnownH.pngUnownI.pngUnownS.png__UnownU.pngUnownS.pngUnownE.pngUnownR.png__UnownI.pngUnownS.png__UnownA.pngUnownB.pngUnownL.pngUnownE.png__UnownT.pngUnownO.png__UnownC.pngUnownO.pngUnownN.pngUnownT.pngUnownR.pngUnownI.pngUnownB.pngUnownU.pngUnownT.pngUnownE.png__UnownW.pngUnownI.pngUnownT.pngUnownH.png__UnownA.pngUnownN.png__UnownI.pngUnownN.pngUnownT.pngUnownE.pngUnownR.pngUnownM.pngUnownE.pngUnownD.pngUnownI.pngUnownA.pngUnownT.pngUnownE.png__UnownL.pngUnownE.pngUnownV.pngUnownE.pngUnownL.png__UnownO.pngUnownF.png__UnownU.pngUnownN.pngUnownO.pngUnownW.pngUnownN.png.

{{User:TheOriginalOne/User un|2}}

un-1 UnownT.pngUnownH.pngUnownI.pngUnownS.png__UnownU.pngUnownS.pngUnownE.pngUnownR.png__UnownI.pngUnownS.png__UnownA.pngUnownB.pngUnownL.pngUnownE.png__UnownT.pngUnownO.png__UnownC.pngUnownO.pngUnownN.pngUnownT.pngUnownR.pngUnownI.pngUnownB.pngUnownU.pngUnownT.pngUnownE.png__UnownW.pngUnownI.pngUnownT.pngUnownH.png__UnownA.png__UnownB.pngUnownA.pngUnownS.pngUnownI.pngUnownC.png__UnownL.pngUnownE.pngUnownV.pngUnownE.pngUnownL.png__UnownO.pngUnownF.png__UnownU.pngUnownN.pngUnownO.pngUnownW.pngUnownN.png.

{{User:TheOriginalOne/User un|1}}

Normal templates

On the public sandbox

On my userspace

A glitch Pokémon template

AniMS Missingno I.png Hexadecimal slot 0: Missingno.
Glitch Pokémon
Hexadecimal slot 0: Missingno. AniMS Missingno I.png
Note: Missingno. is not included in this template, due to the fact that it has multiple hexadecimal slots.


A countdown template

Check the history if you're curious about what this used to be.



A typing template