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Gaia Online
Tatsu Shimoyake (たつ シモヤケ)
"The Frostbite Dragon"

Art by Liansa
About Me
The Journey of The Chateau Conductor
Tatsu was born and raised in Snowpoint City, Sinnoh. Tatsu grew up with the dream of becoming a Pokémon Trainer, idolizing trainers like Lady Cynthia. Tatsu met his first partner, Koko the Glaceon on his 12th birthday. A few weeks later, during a vacation to some relatives in Ecruteak City, Johto for new years, Tatsu met his second partner. Tatsu befriended and was saved by Nanaki the Growlithe after wandering off into the woods during the celebrations. On the way back home from Johto, Tatsu became friends with Kairi the Dragonair who traveled alongside the boat all the way home and eventually joined Tatsu's team.

With his newly founded team and his hopes high, Tatsu set out for Johto to compete in the Silver Conference. During his travels he met and fell in love with another young trainer named Kozue. After a year of traveling he managed to defeat all 8 Gym Leaders and challenged the League. His first challenge ended in the top 32. Tatsu stayed in Johto for another two years, training and traveling, even meeting his idol, Cynthia. Eventually he returned to the Silver conference and made it into the top 8.

Tatsu then decided to return to Sinnoh and compete in the Lily of the Valley Conference. Tatsu traveled for 3 years before challenging and winning the entire tournament, and afterwords challenged the Elite Four. After barely defeating his first three opponents Tatsu was defeated by Lucian. A little disappointed, but still proud, Tatsu moved on to challenge the Battle Frontier where he met and became friends with Scott. Within a few months Tatsu defeated all the Frontier Brains, and earned a position among them which he accepted. As he was preparing to open his own facility, he received word his grandfather had passed and traveled to Unova for the funeral.

In the will, Tatsu was left a large chateau in Icirrus City, which he then moved in to. Tatsu decided to challenge the Unova league and spent months traveling the region. Before the tournament could begin, an evil organization know as Team Plasma took over the league headquarters. Hearing that Team Plasma's leader was in possession of the Legendary Pokémon Reshiram, Tatsu sought out and caught the mighty Kyurem. Many trainers showed up and fought off Team Plasma, buying time while two young trainers challenged and defeated their leader with the awakened Zekrom.

With the battle over, Tatsu returned home with his love Kozue and opened the Battle Chateau, taking on challengers as the Chateau Conductor, while awaiting the league's reconstruction.
Out Of Character
The Musings Of One Writer Who Is Consumed By Laziness
I'm 20, Irish, and live in California. My blood type is O and my sign is Sagittarius. I love the cold, I'm addicted to Tumblr, I like watching anime, reading manga, playing video games, writing, playing guitar, cooking, swimming, playing baseball and soccer, going bowling, playing chess, and sleeping

I first got into Pokémon back in 98 when i got to play my friends Red for the first time, since then I've been a proud addict. So far I've owned Red, Blue, Yellow, Pokémon Stadium, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Pokémon Stadium 2, Ruby, Emerald, LeafGreen, XD, Diamond, Platinum, Soul Silver, and White Version and I can't wait for the next one~

Here on Bulbapedia im mostly a general cleanup guy. I use Bulbapedia very often and usually will find templates that need updating or sections that are just messy or crappy in some cases lol. Those problems bugged me so much I couldn't help but make an account in order to clean them up. I'm not a super dedicated editor at present but maybe some day I'll dedicate more time to Bulbapedia. In the mean time I hope to help out where I can and stay out of the way where I can't ^^;

That's enough for now, If you want to talk to me more, please contact me at any of my social sites (listed above), ttfn~!

Tatsu's Pokemon