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About me


I've been around since almost the beginning of Pokemon in the American part of the world. I hung out on RPGamer's while it still had the big rivalry with Azure Heights (I'm still there), edited The PokeDaily before it stopped existing, remember the days before someone coined the word "metagame", wax nostalgic about the good old days where Pokemon websites actually existed in quantity, etc. ad nauseum. I've been playing this game for just about forever.


I created the name Surgo in early 1997 for an old MUD called Medievia (my second character there), and I've been known as Surgo ever since. For a brief time I went by Lugia in #pokemon on DALnet (should anyone remember that awesome freakshow), this was approximately 1999-2002; friends that I made there remain among my best friends today. To put these dates into their proper perspective, I'm currently 19 years old.

I eat, drink, and go to school. I usually sleep during the day. I'm currently studying mathematics. I'm a libertarian, I support Wesley Clark for the United States presidency in 2008. I hate computers. Hrm, what else is there to talk about?


I'm pretty easy to get a hold of.

Stuff I did major editing to (aka bragging)