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About Me

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I joined Bulbapedia on October 3, 2008. I mostly posted comments on talk pages, and was gravitating towards just helping other users get Egg Moves until I was told it was talk page abuse. However, my edits lately have centered around cleaning up unsatisfactory grammar, style, and tone as well as contributing trivia. I remain keenly interested in breeding. I recently bred a Happiny (now trained up) with the best set of IVs I've ever seen; its total is 176!

Me and Pokēmon, Inside and Out

I have no life. My world is about playing the 'cello at school, learning math, and playing video games in my hours of free time. Okay, scratch that; I do sort of have a life, but my peers have more of one than I do. With Pokémon, I am dedicated, the games never get old, and my play time is currently spent breeding and raising Pokémon to use at the Battle Tower and in PBR. I have played Gold for a little over 400 hours yet I have 5 Lv. 100 Pokémon in it, Ruby for over 700 hours (3 Lv. 100's), and Diamond for about 700 hours (Highest Level is 86 because of my style of gameplay). I have beaten Emerald, LeafGreen, Ruby, Gold, and Crystal, but I am not too proud of my Emerald because for some reason, it's like my Pokēmon have fallen behind. Maybe it's because I chose May. . . . Anyway, I've Beaten XD twice and Colosseum once, but second files had to be made when my dog chewed my Memory Card, I was smart enough to trade Lugia off of XD, but I forgot to get any other legendaries off of those games before they had to croak. I have beaten the story in both Mystery Dungeon Red and Mystery Dungeon Time. I attribute some of Gold's success and my knowledge of how to battle to Pokémon Stadium 2. My favorite memory of Pokēmon is the day my older brother decided to give me my first Main Series Pokēmon Game; Gold. By the way, that is his Crystal, too, but he lost it and when it was found again he didn't really care about it. To this day, he has Sapphire, FireRed, and Pearl. My Diamond has a Lunatone he caught for me in exchange for a Solrock when we were into Ruby and Sapphire. But he's in college now, so here I sit in a house that seems so quiet now. If you actually bothered to read all of that bleeble-blabble, congratulations, you win a cookie! . . . . . (Just kidding)

How did I Start Breeding?

Not an easy question, because it didn't happen all at once, but I started breeding because I beat every colosseum in PBR. Of couse, I continued playing it, but I had a hard time beating the colosseums when some of them changed their battle type. I started looking for something to help me stand a chance. I knew about EVs at the time, but I kept track of them instead of trying to face certain Pokémon to change the EVs they got, and the party that beat Stargazer Colosseum had the same Pokémon I beat Diamond with (but there was a Heatran and a migrated Lugia (the one from XD) in it). When those were trained, even Heatran came to early for EV training and the rest had Effort Ribbons at that point. As a solution, I looked into Egg Moves, and the first Pokémon I bred for was an Gible that was born with Dragon Rush (not sure how that happened). I trained a Dratini (♂) I migrated until it knew Dragon Rush, and bred it with a Gible (♀) that I never let evolve until it was lv. 37 (and it actually learned Dragon Rush before lv. 50!). The male offspring knew Dragon Rush (and Dragon Pulse) at birth, and I bred that with my Aggron from Emerald (I think it was the best Pokémon in my Emerald, but I didn't know until it was migrated) to acheive my ultimate goal, an Aron with Dragon Rush, Impish nature, with high IVs in Defense, nicknamed "Titanium." This, of course, led to my strong set of Monster Egg Group mothers and fathers.

Then, I got interested in the Flying Egg Group. I noticed how a lot of good Flying Pokémon have Brave Bird and Sky Attack in their Egg Movepool. I got the idea to try and combine the two, which to this day I have not done, and believe it's impossible. If you know of a way to do it (without hacking) though, please tell me. Anyway, I got very interested in Skarmory and Tailow, both good for teaching Sky Attack. My best candidate for Brave Bird was Pidgey. I trained a Staraptor and a Noctowl to know their respective moves. I caught two wild Swellow, one ♂ and one ♀, and migrated one of my Emerald's Skarmory, and bred the ♀s with Noctowl once it learned Sky Attack. As for the Pidgey, I got a ♀ Pidgey off of the GTS. I bred it with Staraptor and the resulting Pidgey (now this was cool) was born with Tangled Feet as its Ability, and it knew Roost, U-turn, Fly, and Brave Bird, and it is being EV trained!

I later researched Shuckle, and set out for a "Super Shuckle." A Cloyster I caught was the grandfather, because I taught it Toxic. I got Toxic to pass from Cloyster to a Skorupi, which I taught Accupressure, to a Shuckle. Its mother was a Shuckle I got from GTS. It was hard to decide between the two Pokémon I had that knew Toxic, both by TM06, Torterra (my starter) and Cloyster, but to get it from Torterra, I would have had to have a Paras (♀) and I didn't. I did, however, have a Skorupi that could be a mother. I am now so glad that Skorupi is in a weird Egg Group (Water 3).

Strange Things are Happening in Diamond. . .


I really don't know how exactly I ended up with three shiny Pokémon appearing to me in Diamond. None of my Gen III games have any Shiny Pokémon, and before Gen IV, the only shinies I had period is my Gold's Red Gyarados, Crystal's Red Gyarados, and Gold's shiny Kingler that I traded for. I guess now my luck is just awesome.


Spr 4d 401 f s.png

The first one was a shiny Kricketot♀ I caught on August 12, 2007. I caught it at Route 203 at Level 4. She would make an awesome mother, with a Naughty Nature and is often lost in thought. She has by now evolved into a Kricketune. Honestly, she scared me to death when I found her, but who doesn't get startled when they find a shiny for the first time in years?


Spr 4d 070 s.png

Then, on February 6, 2008, I found a shiny Weepinbell on Route 229 at Level 52. Unfortunately, I can't really do anything with it for breeding. I eventually plan to stop being so lazy, get it the moves I want, and evolve it.


Spr 4d 198 f s.png

This one was the most recent and the creepiest. Those who celebrate Halloween will understand why. This Murkrow is female, Naive, strongly defiant, and has Insomnia. I caught her in Eterna Forest, near the Old Chateau. As if that wasn't creepy enough, I caught her at about 11:30 p.m. on October 30, 2008. To me, it seems like the game meant for that to happen when it did. Either way, I did her the favor of catching her in a Dusk Ball. My third shiny came with awesome timing, seriously.


I really don't know exactly when it happened, but the first time my Pokémon got a Pokérus without hacking was a real shock. An Egg I was taking care of got it first, then a Bulbasaur I was raising got it, and it spread across almost every Pokémon I had at the time. Unfortunately, I didn't know enough about it to make good use of it. Now there are very few Pokémon in my boxes that have or have had the virus, but there are still enough left to continue the spread. Crazy luck. . . .

My Skills Have Improved

I'm quite proud to say that breeding in my Black Version has gone absurdly well. I've gotten to the point at which I can breed Pokémon (that don't have unknown genders) well enough to get triple flawless Pokémon (3 IVs are 31). I can do this quite easily in the Monster, Dragon, Field, and Fairy Egg groups, and can chain breed my way into others. I've also started to get picky about the Legendary Pokémon I choose to keep, preferring to wait until I get one with a desirable Nature and IV spread. I cannot wait until Pokémon B2W2 are released so that I can test my skills even further.