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This table is an idea for a potential table on the Underleveled Pokémon section on the Level article. Currently, this table will only list Pokémon that are owned by NPC trainers and in order by Generation, Release date (Alphabetical if the same), and Trainer location. (If it is in several games with different release dates; the information will currently be added to the end of the section) This table may in the future be shortened to include only important trainers or expanded to include NPC traded, Event, and Wild Pokémon that the player can obtained. In addition, some information may not be needed, will be included in later revisions, or will be altered to fit the purpose of the section. (Any ideas, changes, and edits are welcome. Suggestions should go on the talk page.)



  • Currently Allowed: All Trainers
  • Currently Disallowed: NPC traded, Event, and Wild Pokémon

(Heavily subjected to change)

To do list:

  • Reduce style code(through row- or columnspan, if possible)
  • Improve table design
  • Research the Stadium games.
  • Reduce any duplicated info.
  • Fix and improve links
  • Anything else left to do.
  • Should the first column be called Game or Version?
  • Would a sort-by Trainer name help the table?
  • Should Trainers be sorted by location within a Generation?

Done list

  • Search for unknown levels.
  • Change the temporary colors.
  • Decide if all games should be tagged or just the first.
  • Decide if a trainer with two different Pokémon should use rowspan to reduce duplicate information.
  • Should Pokémon from the Pika Cup be added?