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Hiya, I'm a Poké I'm not! I'm Striker212, a Pokémon enthusiast extraordinaire who will always love the franchise! I'm a TCG collector and natural artist (I mostly work with sprites in MS Paint; no, I don't have a Deviantart).

The day I discovered Pokémon for the first time, I loved it so much that I researched all that I could on this very website. Now, it's an honor to give back to the Bulbapedia community like this, and I hope to share my Pokémon knowledge with the world.


Scizor, my favorite Pokémon of all time

My dream Pokémon team


Scizor is my ace and "Mega Evolver".

My actual Pokémon teams

I played a Ruby emulator, but before I could finish my computer crashed :( This is what I remember:

I also played a FireRed emulator on my phone, but it crashed too :( This is what I remember:

Currently, I'm playing an emulator of HeartGold, and so far it's going well:

Notable TCG cards that I own

Cool Move Animations

Scizor Stuff

Steel Wing II.png Metal Claw II.png Bullet Punch IV.png Iron Head IV.png


Superpower III.png ThunderPunch III.png DynamicPunch BW.png


Hydro Pump IV.png Explosion V.png Thunder V.png Draco Meteor V.png Aura Sphere V.png Psybeam II.png Dark Pulse IV.png

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