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Edits to be made:

All Stars, Togepi, Pikachu, Wobbafet released on November 28th, also a three part bumper pack
Remember up to A on disambigs also come up with a standard for disambigs, maybe using the numbers as a base
Check up on article numbers for other NIWA wikis
Previous Gens on Poké pages, Prior Evolutions on Move pages
Mystery Gift on Syntax
Battiro on Status Ailments


Team Plasma, to be updated with tc
Trainer templates, need to be updated with tc as well (so many hideous redirects x.x)
berry location needs more spots added to it, or a compromise between the games
Language templates need their link to Pokémon in South Korea fixed
Game templates need links to the staff pages
Cave needs to be linked in catch templates as opposed to Caves
Template: Glitch needs to be updated...

Pictures to use from PS1: Poliwhirl - (water gun pg 2 shot from hand) Unidentified attacks - Charmander and Mew

PS2: Bulbasaur using Tackle, Vine Whip and Solar Beam Pokédex?

PS3: Unidentified attack - Charmander (fire from tail)

PS4: Pika using thunder attack Saur using Poison Powder

PS5: Charmeleon unnamed attack Poliwhirl Icebeam

Images gotten from each chapter:

  • PS001:

Images I haven't uploaded but have:

  • Charmander with spines on its back (2 versions)
  • Red holding a Poliwag
  • Pallet Town Landscape
  • Great Balls hanging off a Team Rocket Grunts Belt
  • Western Forest image
  • Red sneaking with a plethora of Poké Balls
  • Mew using Psychic (I think) and Poliwhirl getting hit
  • Charmander using Ember (I think)
  • Professor Oak's Lab front
  • PS002:

Images I haven't uploaded but have:

  • Poké Ball Interaction of Red, Poli and Saur
  • Poké Balls opening to release Pokémon
  • Viridian Gym
  • Bulbasaur using Tackle
  • Bulbasaur using Vine Whip
  • PS003:

Images I haven't uploaded but have:

  • Viridian Forest
  • Charmander using Flamethrower
  • Charmander using Fire Spin(?)
  • PS004:

Images I haven't uploaded but have:

  • Boulder Badge
  • Gym Notice
  • Pikachu using Quick Attack, Thundershock and Thunderwave (?)
  • Saur using Sleep Powder and it hitting Pika
  • I want a picture of the wanted poster.
  • PS005:

Images I haven't uploaded but have:

  • Boulder Badge
  • Onix broken apart
  • Cubone's bone being snapped by a vine whip
  • Charmeleon using an attack, maybe ember
  • Brock and his Pokemon
  • Graveler and his owner
  • Graveler breaking
  • Poli using Water Gun and Ice Beam
  • Onix
  • Onix using Skull Bash
  • Pika dodging Onix's Rock Throw
  • Gym outside, hall, and boxing ring
  • I want a picture of Onix using Rock Throw